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I am a mother of 3 that has been working from home for the past two years. I love to write and blog about freebies, sweepstakes, and sharing my experiences and challenges about working from home. Please share your thoughts so we can learn together.
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  • The Five Black Presidents of the United States of America

    What is so significant about the one drop rule and why would that claim that some of our United State presidents were African American? Well the one drop rule is historical in nature and comes from a term that has been held in the United States that if ANY person with any trace of African ancestry is considered black (African-American) This form of thought was developed during the long years of institutionalized slavery and still holds a part of culture today. This particular rule did not focus on the "looks" of an individual but that of the "ancestors" by which a person came from. Mainly because of the one-drop rule, there are many pale-skinned people who are considered black. In many of these instances, the person can actually have more white ancestry than black. This even happens today. During slavery, mescegination took place but because the mixing was from a person of African acenstry, they were still considered black. If they then had a child with a white person, the child would have been one-quarter black, but still considered black. Because the fact that the one drop rule stood during the time in United States history, many of our presidents tried to hid the fact of their African Ancestry as well as define themselves as Caucasian or "white". Many of our presidents (as you will see in their pictures) looked more "white" than "black". Even though their outward appearance was distinctively more from a Caucasian background, the one drop rule applied during their time which during their lifetime considered them black.
  • How to Color Natural Hair with Henna

    Summer is coming up which gives everyone a good excuse to update their wardrobe for the up and coming season. How about sprucing up your hair color? Artificial coloring, high-lighting, streaking and bleaching can cause significant damage and breakage to the hair which can leave it weak, dry and dull. It also may cause irritation of the scalp and even hair loss. There are other ways that can not only color the hair naturally, but give your hair condition and shine. Henna is a fascinating way to color hair naturally. Learn about another alternative way to hair color your hair naturally for a new look this Summer!
  • Bad Breath Treatment for Dogs and Cats

    Is there an unpleasant odor coming from your pet's mouth? If you pet has bad breath, there can be many reasons that you pet can have bad breath. Some can be cured just by diet or hygiene however, bad breath can also show another problem that might be giving you an indication of something more serious and life threatening. Find out ways to find out and cure your dog or cat's bad breath. Bad Breath is an unpleasant odor coming from your pet's mouth. When was the last time that you looked in to your dog or cat's mouth. This should be the first thing that you need to do to see what is going on and how to fight bad breath.
  • Want Cheap Groceries? Shop at the 99Cent Only Grocery Stores

    David Gold, the founder of the 99 cent only store has created a unique way we have the opportunity to purchase food. With the cost of gas and groceries increasing at an all time high, there has been one store that has still kept their prices at the same price of 99 cents....the 99 Cent Only Stores. There are some who have imitated, but have never duplicated Personally, the 99 cent only stores has given me the opportunity to feed my family for less. If you live in a location that has a 99 cent store, you are very fortunate to have the opportunity to shop for quality name brands for less. If you don't have a 99 cent only store locally in your area, there are habits that you can do to stretch your hard earn dollar with coupons and a meal plan, for all it is worth.
  • Effective Solutions to Cure Bad Breath

    Is talking on the phone the only way you feel confident enough to communicate with people without feeling self conscious about that "odor problem"? Do people touch their nose, pinch their nose or walk away quickly when you speak to them? Well, you may not notice, but you may have something as common as bad breath. Bad breath can be embarrassing, unprofessional and does not leave a good impression. If someone you cared about has not told you, or you don't notice the signals that other people give you,it may be the very thing that may be stopping you from developing personal and business relationships with people you come in contact with. Don't worry, you are not alone. Bad breath can be caused by many things that we eat, drink, or even take to help us with medical issues. If you have tried the mints and the gum, and still are having problems, here are some solutions that I would encourage you to try. Even though many people suffer from bad breath, there is a solution.
  • The Do It Yourself Wedding Reception

    Are you getting engaged? Congratulations. Are you married and want to renew your vows? Great Idea! Would you like to set up the wedding, flowers, reception, get the tux, find the dress...... wait a minute. Preparing a wedding can not just be a task but also expensive. If have the knack for creativity and frugality, you may also want to plan out your wedding reception. Here are some practical ideas you can use to not only make your day special, but also affordable.

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