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My name is Steven Jackson and I am a Doterra consultants. For over 20 years we have been working in the Home business and MLM industry with great success and have found that it ticks all the boxes for the lifestyle we wish to live. Over the last few years we have been involved with a company called Doterra. They specializes in providing therapeutic-grade essential oils and related products to the world, with the goal of sharing their life-enhancing benefits.
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Do Essential Pure Oils
  • Essential oils aromatherapy guide for the beginner
    Browse through our list of essential oils and their uses and see what works for you in your daily life Therapeutic grade essential oils are the purest essential oil brands of essential oils available in the market at the moment. Our list of essential oils and their uses varies from home remedies that benefit the mind, body and […]
  • Best multivitamin for men over 50 years old
    When looking for the best multivitamin benefits for men, it is very best to focus on particular difficulties that males face as they get older Points like prostate well being and metabolism are critical to males, too as libido, are of distinct significance, for example. Boron is usually taken as a booster to improve the […]
  • Join the best doTERRA consultants for online success today!
    Becoming doTERRA consultants have changed our lives in a big way, but not just in our personal health and well-being, but also now we have the financial freedom to choose how and where we live We are Anja and Steven Jackson and we are doTERRA consultants. For over 20 years we have been working in the […]
  • How to help with anxiety using essential oils
    Learning how to help with anxiety and stress using essential oils could be the final solution for such a common disorder Stress or anxiety is a common disorder nowadays and all of us more or less experience it at some point in time in our lives. It is a negative state of mind that we […]
  • Where to look for the best business to start in 2022
    I am asked on many in many situations what is going to be the best business to start in 2022 and i always return to the same industry – MLM There is just so much information about up and coming business opportunities out there it makes it almost impossible to know who to trust. Where do I […]
  • Why the solution for jobs for disabled adults is in MLM
    So often the politics of disability and employability rears its ugly head with no concrete solution in sight, so could the disabled work from home? It seems since 2020 that almost everyone who can work from home does work from home. This would imply that people in our society that find it more difficult to […]
  • How much does it cost to remove a tattoo naturally
    Does laser tattoo removal work or is natural tattoo removal a better option to removing tattoos? Does laser tattoo removal work with pain or scares? Removing a tattoo doesn’t always have to be a painful experience, there are natural diy tattoo removal alternatives which cause no skin scarring, disease, hyperpigmentation or bleeding unlike some other […]
  • What is the most profitable home businesses for you?
    Before starting a any home based business ask yourself “what do you need to start a business opportunity in the network marketing industry?” The fact is looking for the best business ideas to make money does mean a lot of searching the internet and talking to friends in the industry. In reality, one entrepreneurs idea […]
  • What is the best multivitamin for women over 50 years old?
    Women know that the proper amount of vitamins are essential to their health but as they get older they need the best multivitamin for women money can buy. Vitamins are responsible for hormone production, strong teeth and bones, protection from disease as well as providing us with the energy we need. These in fact are […]
  • Frankincense benefits
    Frankincense essential oil benefits and its mysterious it really holds a special status in the world of natural medicine What other plant extract has been valued as highly as gold, sought after by kings, and been one of the world’s most recognized birthday presents? There must be something to it too, as university’s around the world […]
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  • Lavender oil English scones recipe
    [singlepic id=42 w=1500 h=850 ] Doterra recipes presents a wonderful recipe from England for everyone who loves traditional pastes. English scones go well with fresh clotted cream or fresh cream with strawberry jam however with the tang of Doterra lavender oil it makes the recipe just that little more special. For more details about Doterra […]
  • How to make money online from home and become successful
    The day you learn a skill to make money online from home is the day you will never be unemployed ever again because you will be able to work online from home and get paid The internet promises many solutions for making money from home, perhaps too many. However, there are ways to simplify the […]
  • How to plan your own doTERRA success story?
    For many doTERRA Wellness Advocates achieving doTERRA success is to make a few extra dollars or euros a month with no real commitment, but why is this? In my opinion, a large part of it is the feeling of fear and of the unknown. What would happen and change in their lives if god forbid […]
  • How to share doTERRA success with friends or online?
    Sharing doTERRA oils is the most basic building tool available to the doTERRA Wellness Advocate so if you are not doing it either face to face or online success will be hard to find. Below I have created a list of some of the best methods of sharing doTERRA with family, friends and the world. […]
  • Doterra Lemon Oil Uses
    [singlepic id=94 w=1500 h=850 ] Another favorite, this essential oil powerhouse is cold-pressed from lemon rinds to preserve its delicate nature and potent properties. Uses for Doterra lemon oil is known as a powerful aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser that can be used to complement many other oils. Diffusing lemon in a room can cleanse […]
  • How to make 1000 dollars in a day from a home based business?
    Many of us are dreaming of that perfect low cost startup business that allows us to make enough money for ourselves and our family However, finding that business that will sustain us over the years is not as easy as we think. Firstly, regardless what type of business we are discussing, we need to get […]
  • The importance of leadership skills and personal development
    Personal development is a long process that moves through our daily lives until our examples of personal goals in life become the inspiration for others My name is Steven Jackson and I was born in a city in the south of England called Southampton. I enjoyed a pleasant childhood with my mother, father and a […]
  • 5 tips to be successful in life and in business
    All the inspiring stories of successful people have a similar characteristic of learning to give up something that is stopping them from becoming successful The fact is nobody like giving up anything in life, but if it means the difference between becoming successful or not it may be advisable to reconsider your position. Having these 5 […]
  • New direct sales companies 2018 review
    Top MLM companies 2018 need you, but the question is do you have the right mindset to be a MLM consultant If you are the connection-forming kind of character, and one who would freely leave the guarantee of an 8 hour/day job and a constant income, only to be offered your own schedule and pay from […]
  • doTERRA fennel oil uses
    Fennel has been used for centuries for its many health benefits. doTERRA fennel oil uses can be seen to relieve occasional indigestion, and to support the healthy functions of the stomach. Fennel’s sweet yet spicy aroma is balancing and has familiar licorice notes. For use aromatic, topical, or dietary use. ORDER NOW!  
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  • How to start a business in Finland on a budget
    Life in Finland for a foreigner can be a trail, but from my experience the light at the end of the tunnel is starting a business in Finland I am not saying that running a business is Finland is easy because it is not, but if you have enough language skills in English it is […]
  • How to become an entrepreneur with no money
    Why become an entrepreneur? I asked myself many times, I had a steady job, reasonable income and a happy family life, but there was something missing This is a reflection from some years ago before embarking on my journey as an entrepreneur and online business owner. This still sits in the back of my mind […]
  • How to become a doTERRA distributor for 35$, 20€ or £20?
    The doTERRA business opportunity is the best home and online businesses around at the moment, what is more amazing is that you can start for only 35$, which includes a free webshop and no monthly fee The main reason why doTERRA is so attractive to people looking to start a business from home is because […]
  • How to join le-Vel and become a le-Vel promoter
    If you are looking for a 100% FREE business opportunity then becoming a Le-Vel brand promoter or distributor is one of the best options around at the moment I was browsing the internet a while ago with the goal of finding a new opportunity. I was quite willing to spend some money on a good one. […]
  • How to find a real online business without investment
    Search for online business ideas without investment is a tough call, but during my recent research I have found one that tick all my boxes It has always been an issue for most of us that work online. We want to reduce our outgoing to the minimum so we have more in our pocket, but […]
  • How to start a business for free and be successful
    Personally, if you can start a business for free you are already on a winner, so the point should be, is it worth it? Before considering joining any opportunity regardless if it is free or not, we should make a list of what we want from a business. What sort of person are we and […]
  • How to open a business with no money?
    I often get asked, “what business can I start with no money?” there is a few I have in mind, but remember they all need commitment to succeed The fact is money is never the real issue when starting a new opportunity, yes some kind of income is needed for basic living, but if you […]
  • One line thoughts on success can be an inspiration
    I begun to consider inspirational lines for success when I started using them in my Facebook group with the hope to inspire my doTERRA team It started off as a trivial thing, something I could copy and paste and forget about it. What I didn’t realize was it was firstly inspiring me and more importantly, […]
  • How to figure out what to do in life and find your why
    Finding our WHY is not always easy, but asking questions about goals in life and who is expected to benefit from it will take you a long way towards your WHY! It is one thing to express your reason for living, but from my experience most of us have nothing. No questions about goals in life, […]
  • How do you know your purpose in life, without your WHY?
    Finding your passion & purpose in life is a journey of self discovery but, once we know our WHY we can achieve anything Why we do anything is life is straight away an interesting question for me. WHY do we get up in the morning? WHY do we go to work? And WHY do we […]

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