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WD10EACS 1TB hard disk is completely evaluated.

Mar 15th 2019 at 12:20 AM



In recent years, in the hard disk battlefield, capacity expansion has become a competitive way for many manufacturers. Since Hitachi released its first 1TB hard disk, Seagate also launched its 1TB hard disk products. As a giant in the storage industry, Western Data Company has lagged behind other companies in the speed of 1TB mass storage hard disk launch, but it pushed ahead. The 1TB capacity hard disk brings the latest GreenPower technology, which adds many bright spots to the hard disk. GreenPower hard disk is characterized by high energy-saving, low heat, quiet, stable performance and so on. These features benefit from the following technologies:

IntelliPower'- Designed for both remarkable energy-saving and stable performance, it can achieve a good balance between running speed, transmission rate conversion rate and slow-inch buffer capacity. In addition, the GreenPower hard disk can be started with less consumption, so that many hard disks run at the same time, resulting in faster system reading speed. if you want to recover deleted partition, you can use some data recovery software.

IntelliSeek'- Actively calculates the optimal seeking speed to reduce energy consumption, noise and vibration during operation.

IntelliPark'- Reduces aerodynamic drag by automatically unloading the magnetic head when idle, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Active Power Management - Monitors workload and automatically uses standby mode to further reduce unnecessary power consumption whenever possible. Driver recovery time in standby mode is less than 1 second, providing "seamless" connection between hard disk and host controller.

Western WD10EACS is a WD Caviar GP series with vertical recording technology, four dishes and 250 GB single dish capacity. In addition, the hard disk uses SATA 3Gbps interface, 16 MB buffer, 7200 RPM speed, support NCQ technology, the average latency time is 4.2 milliseconds, the average search time is 8.9 Ms.

Western WD10EACS circuit adopts the common circuit board reverse mounting method in Western, which can better protect circuit board components, but to a certain extent affect its heat dissipation.

The hard disk model is WD10EACS, the production date is September 24, 2007, the origin is Thailand.

Firstly, we build the most powerful QX9650+ICH9R platform in hardware. Intel ICH9R is the best chip in Intel at present, which can support SATA 3Gb/s and many SATA 3Gb/s features including NCQ. The NCQ function is turned on by default in the hard disk Firmware tested above. We do a power comparison for GreenPower technology.

When NTFS formatting is used to format hard disk, the actual storage size of the formatted hard disk is 931 GB.

From the above results, we can see that due to the improvement of single disk capacity, the Western WD10EACS hard disk test results are excellent, compared with the popular Seagate 7200.10 320GB hard disk performance has a certain improvement. In HD Tach test, the two hard disks have their own advantages. Western WD10EACS has higher average transmission speed, while Seagate 7200.10 320GB has better peak and stability. Hard disk transmission speed development has been relatively slow, with such improvement, WD 1TB results are satisfactory.

In the power test, we use the way of recording the total power consumption of the computer to compare the two. The test results are recorded in standby mode and the highest temperature is recorded. From the test, we can see that the WD hard disk using GreenPower technology has certain advantages. Although the difference between 3W is not big, the result is still satisfactory compared with the 10W hard disk.

According to recent market analysis, with the popularity and development of HD and large 3D games, mass storage hard disks have attracted more and more attention from users. At present, 250GB and 320GB are still the first choice for installation because of their high cost performance ratio. However, mass storage hard disks with more than 750GB are also beginning to receive attention.

The introduction of Western 1TB is not only the standard for Western 1TB to officially enter the era of TB storage, but also adds more choice space for some special needs users. Its performance is excellent. The latest GreenPower technology has also increased its selling point. At present, the price of this 1TB hard disk is about 2399 yuan, which is suitable for some high-end users to choose.


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