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God Bless America

If anyone needs clipart or graphics I might have something you can use in my photobucket. This is the link to my albums:
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Get Paid To Share Your Original Content

Do you love to share photos, blogs, recipes, links,documents stories and poems, etc? If you do, I know of a great site called RedGage that will pay you to share your content. It is free to join, and there is no hidden fees, and you keep all of the rights to your work. I mostly share photos and a blog now and then but if I find something interesting I will share that too. Here is a link to my page if you want to check it out and see what I am sharing and how much money I have in my account at the moment. I only invest a few minutes a day but you can put as much effort into it as you like. There are some very talented people sharing a lot of great content on RedGage. I am in awe of some of the content that I come inspires me :) I'm doing something that I like to do and I'm making new friends and seeing places and things from all over the world that I haven't seen before. It's fun and it's 100% free so you have nothing to lose by checking it out. If you do check out the site and decide to join please put me (doddee) down as your referrer, thank you.
This is a link to my page: 
My referral link: 

Here is a few of the pictures that I share on the site:

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What I Do With PeopleString

I love this site and I think that you will too.

PeopleString is a social network that I link together with Myspace, Facebook, twitter, etc. You setup your own profile, talk to friends, check your email, things you normally do on other social networks. I have access to my Yahoo and Gmail, and my PeopleString email all in one place too. You can also access MSN and AOL.

My Facebook Feed...& my IM Faceplate portals


There is a feature where you can add insta portals. I love this feature! I've added all the sites that I visit the most so that I have them all in one place. My blog sites, my photo websites, my Facebook feed, yuwie, etc. There is all sorts of widgets that you can add. I love Garfield so I added his cartoon widget to my page.

Here are more views of my portal:


My Yuwie Portal


My other blogs, SmugMug, & Big Crumbs


It is cool isn't it?...and what is even cooler is that I am making money with PeopleString. Each time that I log in I make money. I get people points when I play games. Play PeopleString Prize Wheel, Guess Which Hand, PeopleLotto, and a variety of other PeopleGames to win even more PeoplePoints that become cash in your account!

Photobucket You also get .50 for each person that you refer! Plus you get paid .20 for 5 levels past the 1st sign up. It doesn't sound like much but it adds up fast! It is free to sign up so you have nothing to lose. I'm enjoying PeopleString and I think that you will too. You can promote what you are into there too :)

Join PeopleString for free!...and please join with my referral link here:

Thank you and I hope to see you soon :)

This is as easy as it gets. I love PeopleString!
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free web site traffic and promotion
I started promoting my website with LinkReferral just 14 days ago and I\'ve had a great response. I am very happy with it and plan to go pro soon.
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Wintertime in Sandia Park, NM

This evening I thought that I would share some picture that I took around my house, and share a little bit more about me.

I love least I do right now, but I am sure that by the time spring is here that I will be ready for it. I moved here from the Arizona desert a place where it never snows. We would get snow on the mountains around us and maybe once in 10 years or so someone would report that they got a few sprinkles. I left Arizona in September when the temps were still in the triple digits and I haven't forgotten how hot it can get there. The winters here are cold but I can bundle up.

I am not very good at writing, especially when it comes to writing about myself. I love to take pictures so my blog is going to be sort of a picture story book.

Since you are reading this I hope that you will take the time to let me know what you think of my photos. I am going to have free wallpaper to download for personal use as soon as I get organized and get my photo albums together.

Until next time :)

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My Free Web Site is my website that I created using It was free to make & I get to advertise what I am into. I hope that you check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you
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Sunrise and Sunset Sandia Park, NM

Sunset Sandia Park,NM
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Snow Day in Sandia Park

March 8, 2011 Sandia Park, NM

I started snowing last night around 1:00 am and this is what it looked like when we got up this morning. It was cold out but I just had to go out and take some pictures today.

This is our apple tree

The snow clouds are still hugging the mountains

It is starting to clear up :)

It's still chilly outside but the wind has calmed down so it doesn't feel as cold.

Happy blogging...and have a good evening everyone :)
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My World in Black and White

Having Fun With My Photos

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