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The MLM Rock Star | demarcusdavenport
Wow!!! It has been like one year ago since I have been here on IM faceplate. I was one of the ones who joined early in 2010 I believe. I have to make a bunch of new updates here on my faceplate.Thanks
Hello fellow Earner we hit the mother load! New program just opened its doors to the masses and you wont want to miss this so hurry please.
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    Yes, you heard it right. We have created the only cycler to ever be indefinitely sustainable. When you purchase our PC's ranging from $3-$33 you may earn between 137-200% every time you cycle. There are multiple lines and different PC's you may purchase. We will have our regular lines, weekend lines, special lines, and even surprise lines for our members. You will also receive 7,000 to 28,000 ad credits per PC.

MLM RockStar Status Blog - How To Generate Quality Leads, Create Massive Cash Flow, and Explode Your Primary Business!
  • RoyalDragonTraders - Pays 2.2% Daily and Double your Bitcoin in 90 Days Max 2017-06-05T10:44:00.000-05:00
    RoyalDragonTraders --> Pays 2.2% Daily --> Double your Bitcoin in 90 Days Max. (No Cost Upgrade in 3 Days)

    Royal Dragon Traders is a brand new program in pre launch. You may grab your position at no cost & can chose to upgrade (or not) when it launches in 3 days.
    RDT Will pay you 2.2% daily & will double your Bitcoin in 90 days max.
    The program also pays direct Referral Commissions & Binary Commissions.

    Packs starts at 0.05 BTC with a wide range thereafter.

    Admin info.
    Founders: Bjorn Hauge and Gary Granello

    CEO: Johnny Dalini


  • EmpowerCoin - New Bitcoin Opportunity based on the Gladiacoin Platform 2017-06-04T13:51:00.000-05:00


    EcoinPlus just launched on May 10th and is already
    taking off like crazy! Our team is directly connected
    to the Top leader.
    • No membership or withdrawal fees
    • No monthly or renewal fees
    • 8 plans to choose from (upgrade any time)
    • Minimum start of only 0.05 Bitcoin
    • 200% return in 50 - 90 days maximum
    • 2.2% - 4.0% daily without any required tasks
    • Fully automated trading by 2 experts in the field
    • Fully automated payouts (no need to request withdrawals)
    • 100% Passive (Trading & payouts all done for you)
    • Very Powerful Binary Plan (5% - 22% weak leg daily)
    • Binary caps at 0.10 - 20 Btc per day (3 - 600 Btc monthly)
    • Only pay the difference to upgrade (not the entire amount)
    • Team & technical support via MD
    • Available internationally (wherever Bitcoin available)
    • Multiple accounts allowed with same email address
    • Over 500 members registered within the first 48 hours
    • Dual secure servers located in Singapore and Cypress
    • Secure "Token" confirmation system via email
    • System built & tested to manage over 3 million members
    • 2 traders that traded $200 million in Bitcoin over last 5 years
    • Coming soon: Own exchange for you to buy Bitcoin via credit card
    • Coming soon: Course that teaches everyone how to trade Bitcoin

    Plans 2-8 do not require any referring to earn.  You earn 2.22% to 4% each day until you have doubled (200%) your earnings.  You can then repurchase the plan to continue to earn.  Each time you keep on doubling your earnings.

    Plan E1
    Cost is 0.05 BTC.
    No Passive Earnings in this plan.
    Earn 5% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E2
    Cost is 0.1 BTC.
    2.22% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 6% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E3
    Cost is 0.3 BTC.
    2.22% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 7% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E4
    Cost is 0.5 BTC.
    2.22% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 9% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E5
    Cost is 1 BTC.
    2.22% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 11% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E6
    Cost is 2 BTC.
    3.3% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 15% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E7
    Cost is 4 BTC.
    4% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 20% Binary Commissions.

    Plan E8
    Cost is 10 BTC.
    4% per day Passive Earnings.
    Earn 22% Binary Commissions.

  • Empower Coin English Presentation | Double your Bitcoins in 50 to 90 days 2017-05-21T20:29:00.001-05:00


    REGISTER NOW IN EMPOWER COIN!!!! Take advantage of our
    platform and DUPLICATE YOUR BITCOINS in just 50 - 90 DAYS!

    EmpowerCoin has a team of highly specialized professionals from all over the globe who are responsible to trade large volumes of crypto currency on a daily basis. A portion of the profit made is divided among all the members. This process insures that the contracted plan that you decide to start with doubles in 50-90 days or less. You receive daily payments directly to your chosen bitcoin wallet. Don't wait join Now!


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  • Bet Robot - Earn 6% Daily for 30 Days PASSIVE on your Bitcoin 2017-05-11T16:09:00.001-05:00

    MAJOR GLOBAL Passive Bitcoin Opportunity !!

     Bet Robot

    100% Passive
    - Earn 6% Daily for 30 Days PASSIVE on your Bitcoin
    - Minimum deposit is 0.02 BTC (Approx $26 USD)
    - No Maximum Deposit!
    - 1% earning every 4 HRS
    - Compounding allowed (at a minimum 0.02 BTC)
    - No Sponsoring Required to EARN! - Robot does Sports Arbitrage! Shares with us 6%/day returns - 15% first level referral commissions! - 3% second level referral commissions! - 2% third level referral commissions!  - Withdraws allowed anytime (minimum withdraw is 0.01 BTC) - Works on the "Telegram" APP

    Steps to Join & Lock In!

    Here are the instructions to begin earning 6% DAILY from your smart phone within 1 hour from now! This works seamlessly, just be sure to follow the instructions below when setting it up. It’s super simple. Follow these instructions IN THIS ORDER:

    1. Add the TELEGRAM APP to your phone and open an account (no cost to open) everything works directly from this APP, so you need to download this first!

    2. You can then also download a Desktop version for your computer as it makes depositing easier.  Just go to

    Use your same phone number and it will sync up with your phone.

    3. Click the link below FROM YOUR PHONE, not your computer.


    BetRobot will Appear on your screen.



    Explanation of the fields above

    Invest -  you will receive an immediate text response with the BTC address to send your investment to. (Minimum is 0.02 BTC)
    ReInvest - By clicking on Reinvest you can reinvest your balance automatically when you reach a minimum of 0.02 in earnings. Do this over and over again so you MAKE MONEY with your profits!
    My Team - To get your referral link, simply click here and it will be messaged to you immediately. Referral System: 1st Level: 15% 2nd Level: 3% 3rd Level: 2%
    Withdraw - You will be prompted to set your withdrawal address, add your bitcoin address to the message area and click send. Minimum withdrawals are 0.02 BTC. When you are ready to withdraw use command /out AMOUNT, for example /out 1.5 Withdrawals take about 1 hour to reflect in your bitcoin account.
    History - Click here when you want a detailed history of your investments and earnings, and to see your account balance. You will notice your balance changes reflecting your earnings each hour, up to 6% each day.
    Support - Clicking the support field will give you a message with the channel info and support group and community. Add me on Telegram once you are all set up so I can add you to our leaders group chat



  • Me-Coin - HYBRID Earns Your Bitcoin 5% Daily + 10% Binary + 2x2 Matrix Income! 2017-05-09T00:30:00.001-05:00

    - This Can Go HUGE ( Real Live Trading Twice Per Week )!
    - CEO Juan Carlos Olaya Has Made a Longterm Avalanche!

    ** Officially Launched On April 17th But Now You Can Purchase,See Your Earnings And Lock In Your Positions!
       Connect on Live Presentation With The Owner / Operational Director and Analytical Expert In Trading Team!

    Join NOW:

    Me-Coin HYBRID Earns You 5% Daily + 10% Binary + 2x2 Matrix Income!

    - Just 1 Click Activates All Earners - 5% Daily Plan + 10% Binary + 2X2 Matrix!
    - Click " Investment Centers" Buy For 0.12 Bitcoin Or Higher And Immediately All 3 Gets Active!

    => The 2X2 Matrix Cycles & Earns When Referrals Purchase Same Hybrid Packs!
       You Earn 0.015 BTC Per Cycle To 1.5 BTC Per Cycle As Per Me-Coin Packs Purchased!


    => Earn Passive 5% Daily for 30 days!
    => 10% Binary Bonus!
    => 2X2 Matrix Earnings!Follow Your Sponsor!
    => Payments Directly to Your Bitcoin Wallet!

    Me-Coin Business Level Plans:
    Junior Trader 0.12 btc / Senior Trader 0.325 btc / Executive Trader 0.53 btc
    Scalper Trader 1.05 btc / Day Trader 3.10 btc / Swing Trader 515 btc /Position Trader 10.20 btc!

    Only Bitcoin Accepted!

    Join NOW:

    On Registration Page ( Nombres: First Name, Apellidos: surname, Email : Email, Nombre De Usuario: username, Clave: password )

    IMPORTANT: Use Chrome Click Right Of Your Mouse Click Translate To English For Website!
    - Click " Profile" To Add Your Btc Wallet id and Choose "Automatic Placement" As Your Powerleg as Program Just Came out i  Will Update You Later!

    Join NOW:

PreLaunch Network - Ground Floor MLM Opportunities

  • *** LEADERS INVITE ONLY *** Admin has Allowed me to Let You In Early!! { Hint:The Next Empower Network } **
    *** LEADERS INVITE ONLY *** Admin has Allowed me to Let You In Early!!  ** { Hint:The Next Empower Network } **

    *LAUNCH ALERT* The Most Complete Marketing Platform System Ever Built

    GreenLabel has just been released, the
    most powerful all-in-one wordpress
    solution ever put together.

    What's Green Label?

    Check this out!

    - Hangout Mojo - Live Streaming Events
    - Squeeze Mojo - Lead Capture and Sales
      Page Solution
    - The Profitizer - Ultimate Membership
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    - Build custom sales funnels - First Ever
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      You (Just Add Autoresponder Code And GO!)

    - Create sales pages right on facebook
    - Create your own full fledged
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    100% Payout, Reverse Roll-up - You Keep
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    Now is your chance to get in right at the

    You don't want to miss this!

    EVERY marketer will want this!

    See you there: )

  • Yakamore - NEW Social Site by Jane Mark Just Launched!

    Yakamore - NEW Social Site by Jane Mark Just Launched! Join FREE and advertise instantly! Or ... Grab the Special Launch Upgrade Price and get a boatload of AWESOME perks ...

    ==> Lifetime Executive Membership Available at Reduced Rate During Beta Testing!The price is set to go WAY UP after beta testing, so you really need to look at this.When Jane Mark and Phil Basten launched Sokule a few years ago, I passed on the Founder Upgrade at the lower launch price and ended up buying it for almost $2,000 later on!

    You can bet I didn't make THAT mistake with THIS new site! :-) We all learn from our mistakes, right? lol If you can swing it, you definitely should grab the Lifetime Executive Level. You will get EVERY SINGLE THING that is added to the site in the months and years to come ... at NO additional cost ... EVER! You will also get to send SOLO ADS to MEMBERS! You'll also triple your commissions instantly! You will NEVER have to pay a monthly, yearly, etc. payment ... EVER! This is the ONLY lifetime membership, and the price is going up for sure!

    ==> What exactly "is" Yakamore?* It is a Social Media Posting Site that is set to go HUGE! * Targeted advertising straight to those who WANT to see your Yaks! * Post From Yak to Sokule * Post From Sokule to Yak (coming soon) * Posts can be up to 500 Characters long (way longer than on Twitter) * You can email members (coming soon) * You Can even target those emails (coming soon) * We Ping 100 weblogs for you with every single post you make. * There is an income builder at the Site * You can put your own 3 programs in there. * Your site will contain no sponsored Yaks on it. * You Get 3 of your own programs to add to your Profile * You Ea*rn 40% commissions on upgrades at the executive level * You pay once and that's it when you join as an executive. *

    You NEVER pay for any of the site features that are added in the future (there will be many additions). So there you have it. If you are anything like me, you know business social sites are the place to get sales and signups ... EXPECIALLY social sites created by Jane Mark! I'll be looking for your ads there!

    >>> CLICK HERE to Join FREE and advertise instantly! <<<

    (Keep in mind that Yakamore is in beta launch. Jane and Phil will be working problems out as they come up.)
  • *** 2 Brand New Programs, Both Are Only Seconds Old!!!!

    >>> *** 2 Brand New Programs, Both Are Only Seconds Old!!!! *** <<<

    1) New Program, Only Seconds Old!!!! 

    MyOnTargetEarning just launched SECONDS AGO!

    This is 100% quick and passive earnings!

    Each time a new member activates an account, the cost is shared between the 5 previous shares.  These 5 people will earn $5 per share! However, you will also get paid on EVERY SINGLE SHARE purchased after you!

    Give it a try, this one will move FAST!

    Best Regards



    Welcome to the InstantCashMatrix experience !

    * Low entry cost of just $19 - affordable for everyone
    * Fast Positive Cashflow - $21 payout already on first level
    * Solid Residual Income - up to $7671 monthly for each position
    * Top of the line hardware - guarantees that the site can handle massive amounts of traffic
    * 3*7 Forced matrix structure with real time compression
    * No waiting for comissions - Instant Cash Withdrawals to your account
    * Build downlines in programs of your own choice
    * Member mailer to reach all the people below you
    * Ultra Respons'ive advertising to memberbase
    * Free advertising on other high quality sites
    * Your own login ads for extra high conversion

    Best Regards

    The following is an unsolicited e-mail from my upline David Reid in T.C.N. to the team. Definitely worth your time to read.

    Dear Text Cash Team Members,

    I trust this will reach all of you in all possible ways.

    I just wanted to quickly touch bases and let you know that I had another chat early tonight with Brett Hudson, the president of Text Cash Network. TCN, as you may know, is growing very rapidly, and I just wanted to confirm again, just to be sure, that this was the real deal, we were building on solid ground, and this would not end in disappointment, like so many other opportunities have in recent months and years. When we see something that starts to take a life of it's own, and makes sense, like TCN is and does, we want to believe that it could be real. We don't want to be let down again, with bad ownership, unprofessional management, legal problems, inability to deliver, and any various number of other issues. Life is far too precious to be wasting time in dead end deals, and we desperately need to be building on honest, solid, market/product driven ground, that is irresistable, viral, financially sound for the company, highly lucrative for the reps, and has everything in place to handle massive growth. We want something easy, early, real, and fun, where we can do a little work to get things going, and our organizations take a thrilling life of their very own, as others see the vision, and duplicate. I believe this is one of those rare combination of factors. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the viability of this model. It's obvious. It makes sense that advertisers would love to promote their offers to a willing and captive audience, that eventually will be geo-targetted in various ways. I know, as much as we all do, that is sometimes hard to believe, that there actually could be a company that will last, will truly move from the prelaunch stage of growth, and continue to go viral, deep into the mainstream. And getting into the mainstream, being a truly product/service driven company, is the only way to create lasting success.

    Well, I am beyond happy to say that I believe from the core of my being, that this could be and is one of those companies. After speaking with Brett Hudson for the 2nd time, tonight, my confidence level of where this company is going has risen even more, and it was already very high. I do not say this from any level of hype, but from genuine inner enthusiasm. I am excited! The people behind this are highly seasoned and experienced. Bios on Brett Hudson and the Johnson Group will be posted on the site. This will have a fortune 500 look and feel to it. They have very big plans for this company, and know exactly how to get there. over 3,900 distributors today, over 15,000 members so far. I know some doubt this is real, or are sitting on the side, waiting to see. All I can say is that I think all doubts and fears are going to quickly vanish as people see this pre- launch, see all the aspects of the compensation plan, meet the management team, understand the vision of TCN, and continue to see an ever increasing viral growth. Of course as payments go out, site upgrades happen, customer service comes online, and this thing takes a life of it's own, it will be those who took the chance at this early stage, and spread the "no risk" word, who will be smiling. Over time, things always become evident, and neither fear and doubt, nor hyped up overblown expectations, will turn out to be the reality here. When we see what exactly Text Cash Network is, not what we believe about it, then everything will become clear. In a few days, on 11/11/11 we will have the official prelaunch of Text Cash Network. I think this is going to be a blessed day for all members, and the beginning of a long, exciting, and highly fruitful experience for TCN members. This is easy to share with folks. People instantly get it. One thing Brett has said over and over in our conversations: 

    "Just tell them, they can know for sure...we will deliver on our end. Everything is in place and ready to handle the masses. We know this will be huge. The back end is rock solid. The distributors can focus 100% on building, with total and absolute confidence. People will soon see how real and how big TCN is".

    So, there you have it my friends. Don't sit on the sidelines, for these last few precious days before official pre-launch. People who have never had success before are seeing the little bit of work they took to share this with some friends, turn into hundreds and hundreds of people, and growing ever faster. Text Cash Network, I feel in my bones, is going to be one of the rare companies, that truly explodes into the mainstream, and creates fortunes for those who see the vision and take action. If you choose to, at any time, you can do the needful and be one of those. Don't pre-qualify anyone. In this economy, there are few who are not looking for a plan B. This is for real, and more and more networkers are feeling it with TCN. There are bigger and more mainstream networkers taking notice and joining TCN now. You are here, at the beginning, with a rare opportunity in your hands... Don't say I didn't tell you. Let's take these next few days before the beginning of pre-launch, step out of our confort zone, and share TCN with everyone around us. No risk, huge potential gain, perfect timing, for a service that is "no brainer obvious". I don't know what else to say!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you get my drift. :)

    David Reid

  • *** First Alert: Text Cash Network. Free Leaders Positioning Now! ***
    Dear Team Members, A long time networking friend of mine, who is the master distr. for this new company, Text Cash Network, has given me the link to promote this first. Since you are my personally sponsored in Cash Texts, which is also looking great, I thought I would share this with you first as well, out of respect. I believe in multiple streams of income, and sometimes even, hedging my bets, if you will. I have no idea which of these two co.s will end up being the best, or, quite possibly, they both might be great successes! I see no harm in taking a spot, and spreading the word, and so I thought I would send my first email on this to you. I will, however, be hitting some of my other key lists immediately after, but wanted to give you the heads up. Warm Regards, and be in touch anytime. Have a great week, DeMarcus PS. I am still 100% on board with Cash Texts! This is a First Ad Ever for "Text Cash Network"! (This is NOT "Cash Texts"!) Dear Networking Friends, This is the first ad EVER, for a new company, that begins pre-launch on 11-11-11... TEXT CASH NETWORK. I am sponsored by the master distributor, and have been given the link FIRST, and now I am passing this on to you. This is similar to a recently prelaunched co. named Cash Texts, but this pays 10 Levels Deep! (Instad of 5). This is a Free Placement, and you can position and pre-build NOW. You are the FIRST leaders to see this! This co. has big plans, and expects a HUGE influx of members, and they can be under YOU if you take action now, and get this out to your contacts immediately, because this will go viral FAST! Note: There is mention of a "powerline". That is going to be REMOVED. There is no "powerline". This is a straight up unilevel. Most of the features are also not yet functional. This is a Private Leaders Pre-Pre Launch, so no cost, no risk, huge potential gain, fantastic team behind this, and massive potential. Also: I am not saying this will be bigger or better than Cash Texts. For all I know they both might be great, and big successes. I am just letting you know there are now TWO players in this Text niche, and this one, Text Cash Network, pays 10 levels deep, and from what I have heard from my friend who is the Master Distributor, the programmers are stellar, and that this is going be huge. I am excited to share this with you, and give you, my valued friends, a chance to be first out there to get this out to your lists, and build your Free Team! To Our Success, DeMarcus
  • Wealth EngineX - Turn $19 Into a MASSIVE Residual Income FAST
    Turn $19 Into a MASSIVE Residual Income FAST...........

    Every Member Who Joins Will Earn Even If You Cannot Recruit! with our simple system Get Paid Fast With Instant Withdrawals! This system places you under your sponsor. When They Cycle, They Will Be Placed Under You!
    You'll Be Pushed Through That Cycle, And On To The Next! THEN...Each Month It Repeats! New Positions Spill-Over From Your Sponsor To Boost Everyone Further ......

    Earning You More Money....... PERIOD! The Longer You Stay, The Further Your Original Position  Advances - PLUS Each New Position Keeps Following With You To Create a MASSIVE Income For You!

    This Can Snowball Quickly, Until The Amount of Money You're Making Is Just Plain Ridiculous! Be Careful... Earning This Much Money Can Be Addictive! But Wait! There's MORE!!! Every Member Who Joins ALSO Is Placed Into The 1x2 System LineCycler. These Positions are Created When: Someone Joins Someone Re-Enters After Cycling the System Line Someone Cycles One of the 2x3 Boards Each Month's Renewal

    CLICK TO JOIN WealthEngineX

     Have Fun.....This is truly worth the $19 Fee.....GREAT Concept!!!
  • *** NEW WORLDWIDE LAUNCH - LIMITED $10 Founder Positions - Leads, Autoresponder, Squeeze Pages, etc. ***
    NEW WORLDWIDE LAUNCH - LIMITED $10 Founder Positions - Leads, Autoresponder, Squeeze Pages, etc.


    You can get in SUPER EARLY and make a killing in this! 
    This is an INCREDIBLE system! I took one look and had to grab a founder's position! It's 50% off -- if you beat the clock! You can join FREE, but look what all you get if you do grab their low- priced launch position!

    The 50% off is limited, so this is not something you can wait on.
    It's worth WAY MORE than $10!
     ==> 4 times the monthly cash!
    ==> 8 level affiliate commissions!
    ==> Get paid when OTHER PEOPLE get sales!
    ==> Mass email broadcast system
    ==> Free ezine top sponsor ads
    ==> Matching bonus checks_
    ==> Video squeeze pages
    ==> Build your own squeeze pages
    ==> Build any business
    ==> 3rd party autoresponder compatible -- grow your list HUGE!
    ==> Advanced lead manager
    ==> Unlimited autoresponder
    ==> Lead export (ip, time, and date stamp)
    ==> Pre-made editable niche squeeze pages
    ==> Click and open tracking
    ==> Foreign language support

    I cannot think of "one" reason not to jump on this one! We ALL need more leads; we ALL need to make more money! This is something that can DEFINITELY go long-term. It's something we all NEED and will USE!
    Sounds like a winner to me! If I were you, I'd jump on the founder's position (only $10) while it's 50% off. Let's start building this one BIG! We are in SUPER EARLY :-
    To Our Success,
    DeMarcus Davenport
    Thanks Again
  • First Alert! "GOODLEGIFTS"! Are you in? I am # 15.
    >>>> First Alert! "GOODLEGIFTS"! Are you in? I am # 15.

    Hello Teammates,

    Launch Right Now! Do not miss this "real player"!

    GoodleGifts Could Be The Fastest Moving
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    * No Admin Fees - Ever
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    * Forced Matrix
    * Spillover & Spillunder

    It's a direct pay system and You are
    Visit the website link below now:

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