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  • Got a Drinking Problem? Peter O'toole (as Jeffrey Bernard)

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    Got a Drinking Problem? Peter O'toole (as Jeffrey Bernard)

  • Sirius Documentaire

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    Sirius Documentaire.2013 VOSFR
    Force Game HK
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  • How the world is controlled for dummies

    A free 25 page PDF book, quickly referencing how the world is controlled


  • General Patton Discovered the Truth

    George Patton was a highly decorated war hero from WWII who led the Third Army to victory in many campaigns.  After the war, General Patton was tasked with control of the larger portion of American occupied Germany, and his job was to dole out justice to the newly defeated enemy.  It was the summer of 1945, and after the end of the fighting, General Patton started to get a grip on what had really transpired around him.

    A real fighter, and war hero, George Patton could have turned the tide of history once he realized what happened during WWII.

    As General Patton started to actually become acquainted with the defeated Germans and America’s Soviet allies, Patton finally realized what he was in the midst of, and his opinions about the war, and both our enemies and allies changed drastically.  What Patton realized was recorded in his diary, and in letters to everyone from his family and friends, to other military and government personnel.

    It’s a good thing that these writings were preserved, so that we could see how even America’s “most fightingest General” knew that something was wrong with the outcome of WWII.....

  • The Calling By Max Igan *Full Length*

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    A truly remarkable look at our galaxy and ourselves.

    Max Igan articulately and beautifully takes you on a quest of discovery. A discovery so big it might just change your life.

  • Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events

    As part of a deal signed last week in Washington DC between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA, Russian officials will provide “security at mass events” in the United States, a scenario that won’t sit well with Americans wary of foreign assets operating on US soil.

    Russian troops. Image: Wikimedia Commons

    According to a press release by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense and Emergencies, US and Russian officials met on June 25 at the 17th Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations.

    In addition to agreeing with FEMA to “exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters,” the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will also be providing “security at mass events” in the United States.

    This suggests that events designated....

  • U.S. Must PreEmptively Declare Bankruptcy Against Mr. Pick & Choose Rothschild Or Roll Back The Fake Debt: Rothschild IS The Receiver If The United States Corporation Declares Bankruptcy!

    The Willful Orchestration Of A Bankruptcy State Against The United States Citizens 

    To Procure Unjust Gain!

    Rothschild Goons Fraudulently Printed Unsurmountable Debt To The United States People


    81% Of The Printed/Digitized USD Is In FRAUDULENT Idle STORAGE!



  • Last Song for Migrating Birds

    From glue-covered sticks in Egypt hang two lives, and a question: How can we stop the slaughter of songbirds migrating across the Mediterranean?

    In a bird market in the Mediterranean tourist town of Marsa Matruh, Egypt, I was inspecting cages crowded with wild turtledoves and quail when one of the birdsellers saw the disapproval in my face and called out sarcastically, in Arabic: “You Americans feel bad about the birds, but you don’t feel bad about dropping bombs on someone’s homeland.”

    I could have answered that it’s possible to feel bad about both birds and bombs, that two wrongs don’t make a right. But it seemed to me that the birdseller was saying something true about the problem of nature conservation in a world of human conflict, something not so easily refuted. He kissed his fingers to suggest how good the birds tasted, and I kept frowning at the cages.

    To a visitor from North America, where bird hunting is well regulated and only naughty farm boys shoot songbirds, the situation in the Mediterranean is appalling: ....

  • Vatican’s own offshore bank has been allowing organised criminals, even terrorists, to launder money with impunity

    "It’s like the end of the Berlin Wall,” said a high-ranking Vatican official last week after an invisible financial barrier marking the legal separation between the Vatican and Italy was breached for the first time.

    According to officials at the Bank of Italy, the Institute for Works of Religion – the Vatican’s own offshore bank – has for years been allowing organised criminals, even terrorists, to launder money with impunity.

    On Friday, Italian tax police arrested a high-ranking Italian prelate, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, who until last month was working as a senior accountant inside the Vatican’s financial administration. They also arrested a financial intermediary and an agent from Italy’s secret services on charges of conspiring with Mgr Scarano to commit crimes of embezzlement and money laundering.

    Mgr Scarano is alleged to have masterminded a plot that sounds like an airport novel. He attempted to bring €20million in cash belonging to a wealthy family of shipowners from a Swiss bank to Rome in a private plane, thereby evading customs and tax controls. ...

  • Brilliant research reveals the real reason "big government" doesn't work

    In 2010, Philo of Alexandria coined the term Reynolds’ Law: “Subsidizing the markers of status doesn’t produce the character traits that result in that status; it undermines them.”

    Reynolds’ Law was based on this remark by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds:

    The government decides to try to increase the middle class by subsidizing things that middle class people have: If middle-class people go to college and own homes, then surely if more people go to college and own homes, we’ll have more middle-class people. But homeownership and college aren’t causes of middle-class status, they’re markers for possessing the kinds of traits — self-discipline, the ability to defer gratification, etc. — that let you enter, and stay, in the middle class. Subsidizing the markers doesn’t produce the traits; if anything, it undermines them.

    Philo of Alexandria explains:

    It’s easy to see why [Reynolds' Law works]. If people don’t need to defer gratification, work hard, etc., in order to achieve the status they desire, they’ll be less inclined to do those things. The greater the government subsidy, the greater the effect, and the more net harm produced.

    This law is thus a relative to Murray’s third law in Losing Ground....

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