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  • Is Easy Hits 4 U really worth it?
                    Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange

    I had seen this site all over online for years and for the longest time I had stayed away.  No real reason I guess, just didn't sign up with them.  This site is called EasyHits4U.  Last year I decided to go ahead and give them a try so I signed up as a free member.  This was April 2018 I joined.  For those who have never heard of them, they are a traffic exchange program.  You surf for credits to earn hits for your sites. 

    As many of you know, I wait to share sites that I like until I know that they are worth sharing which is why it is taking me so long to talk about them(I don't sign up and share them the same day.)  I now know exactly what I think of them.

    So the question is are they really worth the hype I saw? Or worth the hype they claim on the banner? To me the answer is yes, absolutely.  I started as a free member there and only upgraded the beginning of January 2019.  I am glad I upgraded! I get discounts on start pages sometimes, free rotators and splash pages.  They have their own splash page builder and rotator as well so as an Ultimate member, I can use that for free.  Start pages get a lot of traffic to them for the day.  Mine got around 6000 views that day.  It was the first site everybody saw when they started surfing.  So my site was seen while the surfers were still fresh and alert!

    What is even cooler tho is that I get free random referrals! Seriously, I have got 4 random referrals so far in the 3 weeks I have been upgraded.  I know 4 is not a ton, but how many sites give you any random referrals just for being upgraded? Not many sites do that.  You earn credits from your referrals and also you earn commissions on purchases

    You don't have to upgrade to gain traffic at EasyHits4U.  They offer a 1:1 for surf sites with a timer of 20 seconds for free members.  But upgraded is worth the benefits if you have the budget to do so.  It is among my favorite (with 2 others on the list) for traffic when it comes to an actual traffic exchange.

    Have you tried them yet? I recommend that you try them if you have an online opportunity you need to drive traffic to.  Hope to see you there!

  • Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, What's the Difference?
    When working online you hear of two main things (of course there are many ways to make money online, but these two you hear a lot of) network marketing and affiliate marketing.  They sound similar and yes you can make a lot of money with both, but I am often asked what the difference really is between the two.  Well they can be used somewhat interchangeably when you really think about it, but in the online world people tend to mean specific things when using these terms.

    First is network marketing:

    This is when you are building a team of affiliates to work with you.  This team helps you to build your residual income over time.  Meaning as your team grows, your income grows and you will continue to be paid year after year.  This grows in a pyramid, but it is not a pyramid scheme or scam.  Just you have yourself on top of the team, then your direct referrals and their referrals and so on.  

    You grow with others on your team and you are there helping them grow their teams as well.  This is the networking part of it.  You grow together as a network.  A business like Cashjuice is a great example.  If you were to join with me, I would have you on my team and I would help you to build your own team.  There are plenty of other businesses like this as well. 

    Now you have affiliate marketing:

    This is usually referred to when you promote other people's products.  Now the cool part about this that a lot of people like is that you do not handle any sales, you do not have to follow up with people, and you get paid by the owner of the product.  You can set ads up and collect commissions.  Sounds easy and great right? Not so easy if you don't know what you are doing.  See in affiliate marketing, you don't have a sponsor or any upline to guide you through the process.  It can be overwhelming.

    Lucky for beginners who want to make money online with this, there are things like Covert Commissions.  They have a very easy way of automating everything for you.  The link there provides a free report for you.  Now yes, you can get into profit without using anything like Covert Commissions, but you really have to know what you are doing.  I gave up a few times along the way on affiliate marketing because of the learning curves thrown at you.

    Now my take on which is better between the two?

    I honestly like both! It is better to not have all your money in one basket so to speak.  Why not build a successful team on one side and also market other people's products for money on the other? That is my take on it.

    What do you prefer - affiliate marketing or network marketing?
  • Legitmate Work at Home Jobs in 2018
    The Internet has become a popular place for people to look for work from home jobs.  Along with it tho has been a lot of scammers so for new people it is often hard to find legitimate jobs.  I cannot emphasize enough to watch out for big promises when looking online for work! If it says you will make a lot of money in your first day or even your first month, do not continue.  Click away.

    I know many of my wonderful readers have been with me for years now, but for new people to my blog I want to mention that I do not personally work a job online that pays me 9-5.  What I do is work with companies who pay me to do tasks and also I build teams with some online businesses.There are companies who will do the 9-5 hourly pay, but honestly they are hard to find doing an Internet search.  You can talk with your current employer and see if they have a telecommute position available, but please be careful when you look online at promises.  

    I will share with you some great companies that I have been paid by and I want to mention that I don't hop onto the newest bandwagon.  I prefer companies who have been around a while and who have a reputation (and I have been with most of these for years not just a day or a week.)  I will also update with more shortly but as many of you know, I am very picky with what I share with my readers.

    Here is a list of places I prefer:

    User Testing They are a site that you get paid to test websites.  You need to have a working microphone on your computer and submit a test sample first.  If you pass (fairly easy), you will be able to test out more websites and get paid.  They pay by Paypal and the pay varies based on test, but I believe each one is at least $10.  I haven't got less then that and I have got up to $30 for one that was about an hour.

    InboxDollars They are a site where you complete various tasks and surveys along with paid emails. You will be paid by check with them.  They are not a huge money maker, but I have been able to pay a couple of bills with them since I have been a member there.

    Hubpages This is a great site to earn a little extra cash if you are a writer.  You won't earn a ton of money, but you keep rights to what you write and you can write about what you want to write about (not for somebody else.)  It is like having your own blog except you get paid per page view here. 

    iWriter Great site if you are starting out as a writer online.  The pay isn't as good as some sites, but they have always paid me and they are not hard at all to write for.  This is a site that you write articles based on what a client wants and when they accept, you get paid. 

    Textbroker Here is another site that is writing for clients to make money.  The pay here is a little better then iWriter, but they are stricter on the writing so it can be a bit more difficult.  Worth it tho if writing is your thing!

    PostLoop They are another one that is not very high paying but have been there paying me since 2012.  You get paid to write on forums and leave blog comments.  Very easy and can be quite fun to do in between other stuff

    Fiverr This is a site that I have never personally done anything with but they are legitimate and have paid many people (I do know people who have been paid through it.)  You can cruise through listings of what people need or you can list something you will do.  Pretty simple site to use.

    Freelancer This is a great site for freelancers to find great jobs online.  Jobs can vary but there are usually jobs for everybody.  It can be hard to start tho since they have experience levels.  But it is possible to earn a nice amount of money from here.

    GDI Here is a company that you can build a business with, you can use your website for whatever you want and you can make money sharing them with other people.  They offer a no strings attached free trial and then it is $10 a month after but you get your own website hosted with them along with a blog and other cool tools like making a forum on your site.  They have been around for years providing people with the tools to build a profitable business.  I highly recommend them even if just for the website and not to earn money with them.

    Cashjuice This one is pretty new however I have worked with the founder at his other site.  He is not new online, it is just his new site.  This is a great addition for anybody who is already online and will be great for newbies as well. 

    Some of these sites you would join as a member of my team (with my full support) and some of them are not an affiliate program (no compensation at all) but I know they are a great place for people to go to work at home.

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