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  • End the Pain of living in Mediocrity!

    Mediocrity is a state of mind, learned through the repeated illusion of failure...

    It would be unrealistic to say that decades after the telephone was invented, a technological leap ahead could produce wireless phones...

    It would be unrealistic to say that after the first horseless carriage was made, a monumental leap could produce electric cars...

    It would be unrealistic to say that after the invention of the telegraph, a legacy making move will produce wireless communications which can transfer a set of encyclopedias around the world in 15 minutes or less...

    Everyone today on this planet, is living on a miraculous ball of perpetual legacies as this thriving celestial body travels through a galaxy with eight other celestial bodies within a universe of several stars larger than our sun and yet we don't collide or wobble out of orbit. Just those few simple truths can allow anyone to realize that each of us can reveal our own legacy to this world, while riding through the cosmos experiencing many more miracles by the hour.

    Our "Legacy Builders" program helps each enrolled participant to focus on creating a lifebalance of history making decisions while still walking humbly around our peers.

    Our legacy builders sessions use the "iron sharpens iron" protocol to get our graduates on the right path to establish, re-establish or set ablaze a legacy in any endeavor you are passionate in making history.

    Each participant receives a legacy building workbook, that can be used and modified to last a decade in planning and implementing a legacy.  Every Saturday for a total set of 6 week intensive sessions, our unique motivational coaching program creates an instant change in our graduates lives. Support is always available, as we enjoy give standing ovations whenever our peers appear in the limelight while we meekly stand in the audience.

    Each participant will be interviewed before being accepted, no exceptions. $250 per person, without refund or guarantees.

    Because legacies are made, not stumbled upon.

    Text "Legacy Builders" to 469.524.8967 for an interviewer to contact you for acceptance.

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  • Thriveology Principle#9 ...turning thoughts into a parade of positivity!

Raw Foodies Blogg...lettuce eat raw!
  • Aloe Vera experts anywhere?

    I got a bottle of aloe vera, been sipping on for over a month and then went for a trip - came back lost track of it in my refrigerator for a month and I can't make out the expiration date...can I still take it?

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  • Spiritual productivity and what you eat to live...
    While some of us raw inspired dieter are daily concerned with what we eat and what our family eats, we may not have complete control over the spiritual productivity in their lives and that can be a hurdle that a lot of us may not necessarily want to address... Over the next few weeks Daviyd and I will tag team on the raw blog about his upcoming book Personal Goal Optimization 1.0 which will help guide a lot of us into solving issues we may have at home or at work!

    Lettuce Eat Raw
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