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Importance Of Doing Chemistry Assignment

Mar 15th 2019 at 6:08 PM

Homework is probably the least interesting thing to do for any student. Make that chemistry homework and it feels like a death sentence. There is absolutely no point of going to school for a third of your day then come back home to do the same thing. You barely have time to engage in other activities. With such an argument, it is easy to see that homework has no place in the life of a student. It has no importance at all. However, homework has immense benefits to a student. They just need to look beyond the tiring evenings and loads of homework they have to attend to every evening to see its importance. Homework should not be viewed as a burden or a punishment. If you ever sat down and thought about it, you will actually come up with good things to say about your homework. Think about your life had you not been given homework from the beginning. To reinforce this, here are a few reasons why your chemistry homework is important.

  1. Revision on what you already learnt in class. Chemistry is a very practical subject hence a student may not recall all the steps when performing the experiment. In this regard, a few reminders after class to help you master those steps is not a bad idea. This will help you get it right the next time you are presented with the same question either in class or an exam room.
  2. Better understanding of the subject. It is very easy to get distracted while in class especially in chemistry lessons. The teacher is always talking about chemicals and equations and your mind might drift far away once in a while making you miss some of the important points. Your homework will ensure to tie these lose ends as you get a better understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Some teachers have the ability to make homework fun. For most students, something that seems fun is always welcome. If you can have fun and learn and at the same time, that is simply killing a bird with two stones. You will find that the students even enjoy doing their chemistry homework more. Making the subject interesting in turn makes homework more enjoyable.
  4. Preparation for your exams. Nobody wants to have a sleepless night the day before the exams because they haven’t been doing enough practice throughout the semester. Practice indeed does make perfect. If you have been religiously doing your chemistry homework throughout the semester, you stand a better chance in scoring good grades in your examinations compared to that student who has been ignoring and dodging their homework.
  5. Easy to remember. It will be much easier to remember chemistry content if you have gone through it a number of times. It somehow sticks in your head and at your fingertips. This makes your memory very efficient.
  6. Can enhance your level of interest in the subject and change your perception. For those students who dread chemistry, they can change their minds after doing homework. Continuously doing something to get better at it might actually be a good strategy to awaken your interest in the subject. You will find out that as the days go by, you enjoy more and more doing your chemistry homework until you actually fall in love with the subject.


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