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Looking for families for catering on the beach including weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and corporations
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Hello everyone!
Williamson Hospitality Blog
  • The Down & Dirty on “Clean” Eating
    It seems everywhere we turn someone is talking about “clean” eating.  In general the term “eating clean” refers to consuming food as close to its natural state as possible, and avoiding processed foods and those with added refined sugar, sugar substitutes, excess sodium, modified food starches, additives or dyes.  Examples include eating fresh string beans [...]
  • Foods we Love: Eggs
    We still hear from some folks that they avoid eggs because of the cholesterol content.  This concern should be a thing of the past.  Researchers now know that people who follow a low-fat diet can consume eggs a few times a week without significant changes in blood cholesterol levels.  One egg contains about 213 milligrams [...]
  • Bountiful Beans
    We are happy to spill these beans: Whether drained, canned, frozen or fresh, these special seeds, which come in many varieties, are filled with major health-boosting benefits.  Sometimes referred to as pulses or legumes, these fiber-filled vegetables – half a cup of cooked chickpeas contains 5 grams of fiber – also pack quality protein – [...]
  • The Facts on Fat
    Despite what has seemed like a two-decade-long war against fat in food, the truth is that your body needs dietary fat for a multitude of reasons.  It gives you energy for now and stored energy for later, helps your body absorb important nutrients, produces hormones, protects organs, and keeps you warm.  Americans’ real issue with [...]
  • 5 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Everyday
    Kick it off with breakfast.  Jazz up your morning hot or cold cereal by adding blueberries, sliced bananas or diced peaches.  Instead of jelly on your peanut butter smeared toast, sprinkle on some raisins.  Remember to ask for spinach and mushrooms in your scrambled eggs or omelet. Super-size it.  If there is a certain fruit [...]
  • Know the Lingo
    Mineral – A chemical element needed for the health and maintenance of your body.  Helps build body tissue such as bone and regulates vital functions like heartbeat.  Sodium and potassium are examples of minerals. Vitamin – A compound needed to help sustain life; vitamins do an enormous list of activities like preventing sickness, aiding in [...]
  • Fruit vs. Juice
    Ask any dietitian, when pitting fresh fruit against juice, fruit always wins.  While juice may contain the same important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as fruit, much of the benefit of eating fruit comes from its fiber and low-calorie content, both of which contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.  Since juice is concentrated and strained so [...]
Have your weddings on the beach in the Hamptons on Long Island\'s south shore.
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