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  • The Developer Economics Q2 2019 Survey is live! Shape the future & win amazing prizes

    Developers, let our voice be heard in the @DevEconomics survey. Shaping the developer ecosystem of tomorrow is better with a chance to win one out of $12,000+ worth of prizes!

    Developer Economics is a global, independent, developer research program powered by SlashData. Each year they engage over 40,000 developers from more than 160 countries. They reach out to all types of developers, from hobbyists to enterprise & track developer experiences across different platforms, revenues, apps, dev tools, APIs, segments and regions.

    🔹 Will JavaScript remain on its throne as the go-to programming language?

    Join 20,000+ dev around the world - take the Developer Economics survey & leave your mark! Complete the survey by registering and you may win one out of USD $12,000 worth of prizes. Open until July 23rd to developers only.

    🔹 What's next for JavaScript & Python devs in 2019?

    By the end of 2018, 11.7M developers worldwide used JavaScript, 8.2M used Python and 6.7M used C#. Will this change in 2019 and beyond? Which is your programming language of choice? All developers who complete the survey and register enter a raffle to win $12,000 worth of prizes. Get your community involved too - promote the survey and you may win in addition $1,000 in cash! Hurry up, take the survey now!

    🔹 Will C# remain the go-to programming language for gaming in 2019?

    How many developers will be working on DevOps projects in 2019 and beyond? Tell us by taking this survey and win Oculus Rift S and more prizes! The survey is open to developers only.

    Still thinking about it ? Got a few minutes to check your dev skills? Take the new DevEconomics survey, answer questions about dev tools and communities, and you may win cool prizes 🎁 Survey dates: June 15th, 2019 - July 28th, 2019!


    $12,000+ worth of prizes available in prize draws General draw for everyone who completes survey: Microsoft Surface Pro 6, JetBrains IDE, Oculus Rift S, AWS Deep Racer, Samsung HMD Odyssey, Apple AirPods, 3D Printer, Samsung Chromebook 3, plus lots of dev swag, accessories and vouchers. Sector specific prize draw: additional draws for all those who completed sector specific set of questions

    The most global developer survey, providing the developer community with knowledge, insights and fun!

    Developers all over the world are currently taking this developer survey. Will you be leftout?


    Take the Developer Economics Q4 2018 survey! Win prizes, learn about new tech & get immersed in the world of AI!

    40,000+ developers from 160+ countries participate every year. Don’t miss a chance to learn about new technologies, share your views and leave your mark on the global dev community!

    🔹 Who can participate ?

    The survey is open to developers working on any of mobile, desktop, web, IoT, AR/VR, machine learning, backend, and games, as well as data scientists, whether they’re a hobbyist, a student or a professional.

    🔹 What can you get?

    There are some cool perks for developers who take the survey: PRIZES to test your creations & learn more: Samsung S9 Plus, Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System, Axure RP8 Pro one year license, Udemy vouchers, and more! CASH up to USD $700, if you join our Referral Program to promote the survey to others. COPY of the State of the Developer Nation report with the key findings from the survey (coming up Q1 2019), plus graphs with global trends.

    🔹 Live your AI fantasy!

    Take the survey and find out what’s your AI alter-ego! Are you a mastermind in the body of a robot or a rookie with a penchant for VR?

    Still thinking about it ? Got a few minutes to check your dev skills? Take the new DevEconomics survey, answer questions about dev tools and communities, and you may win cool prizes 🎁

    The most global developer survey, providing the developer community with knowledge, insights and fun!
    Developers all over the world are currently taking this developer survey. Will you be leftout?


  • ALTBET : A Revolutionary Mutual Betting Platform Based On It's Original Cryptocurrency!

    Altbet has written a new chapter in the history of gambling industry by combining mutual betting with blockchain technology.

    Altbet provides extraordinary betting and gambling experience and is capable enough to rise among the world’s top gambling platform soon and even surpass them all in the long run. In long term prospective Altbet aspires to become world’s leading online mutual betting platform. Use of blockchain technology has provided the Altbet betting platform with transparency, increased security and higher liquidity.

    Altbet facilitates betting on wide range of categories such as sports, markets, Esports, political events, social events, commercial events etc.
    Bets are placed against other users in a pot, and wins are distributed between winning players. Since players bet against each other, not against the altbet platform, the betting multiplier changes dynamically depending on amount of altbet coins in the bank and bets made by other users. In addition to the mutual betting, the platform will please you with diversified live games such as: roulette, masternode lottery, penalty kicks, dice and coin flip. The list will be regularly enlarged, as Altbet would like to make a constant progress and extend the offer of provided entertainment opportunities.

    ABET is open source masternode-based cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions with low fees. It utilizes POS protocol to secure its network and enable reward mechanism. Its focus is to achieve instant full time private transactions. Masternode protocol plays a vital role in setting up the Altbet coin and providing its network and users with unique services and features.

    What makes Altbet platform so special?

    1) First mutual betting platform based on its own cryptocurrency.
    2) Fully transparent platform (provably fair system).
    3) 0% casino’s profit on selected games.
    6) Anonymous gaming.
    5) Ultimate and smooth gambling experience.

    You can setup your own masternode on Altbet platform and contribute to its network by staking certain amount (1000) of ABET coins in your wallet as collateral. In exchange you will receive block rewards for your contribution towards the development of the platform. Masternodes are placed in ranking. The masternode placed first in the ranking gains a reward equal to 80% of the block reward. After the masternode is granted with the above-mentioned reward, it is automatically relocated to end of ranking. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity and high-performance network.

    Conclusion :

    Altbet is a revolutionary mutual betting platform based on their native cryptocurrency (ABET) that solves the problem of trust and transparency which lacks in other gambling platform by making use of blockchain technology with masternode protocol. It is a decentralized gaming platform which not only pays people who gamble, but also rewards people who support the development of platform by hosting masternodes.
    Check out Altbet’s website and whitepaper for more information:

    📓 Withepaper
    🌐 Website

    Also Altbet team prepared a contest and bounty where you can win a share from $2500 paid in Altbet coins. The contest and bounty starts November 19th and will last until December 31st 2018. Contest based on the gleam app. (Click on banner to enter the contest)

  • Token0x-io - Curated Projects By Crowd Due Diligence - ICO Token Sale Platform!
    What is Token0x Platform ?
    You dont need to be a Solidity programmer in order to create a secure smart contract for crowdsale - Generating of Smart Contracts (ERC20 Token + Sale) - Just fill a form with required information and get token and crowdsale contracts generated automatically.
    Get all benefits of listing. SEO optimization will help people find your project.
    Panel Contribution
    Let people contribute directly to the platform. You do not need to create aspecial page for it.
    Give people a chance to review your project. It will help the community to understand the value from different voices.
    Token0x is not a centralized platform. Now you are located on onenode with specific rules. Other nodes can communicate with each other and promote your project worldwide.
    - Generating of Smart Contracts (ERC20 Token + Sale)
    - Listing
    - Reviews
    - SEO optimization
    - KYC functionality
    - Whitelist functionality
    - Escrow
    - Contribution Page (EnhancedProfile by Markdown Engine)
    - Automatic Metamask detection
    - Referral Functionality
    - ICO Peer to Peer functionality
    - Platform management via telegram - Open API
    - Community Driven
    Join The Community and Learn More about Token0x Platform and Project
  • Posh Space Digital Fashion Platform Market Place!
    Fashion Tech is on the rise with clothing, shoes and accessories with built-on displays being increasingly used. There is still apack of problems that keeps the market potential untapped, first of all, high entry barriers for talented artists and designers, lack of trust and the absence of a global marketplace. That’s where POSH steps in to provide a blockchain platform to tackle all these issues and bring value to the digital fashion art.
    Posh.Space mission is to form and spread the new culture of digital fashion.The digital fashion promises to completely change the current production and consumption of fashion. It is expected that the digital fashion will gradually replace the traditional fashion in next decades.
    Today, a new industry is emerging in a fashion tech market — the digital fashion. Startups are already creating a variety ofaccessories with displaysfor digital content, which are in demand among consumers. And even experimenting with footwear and clothing.
    Levi's released a smart jacket with touch-sensitive threads based on Google's technology: ProjectJacquard. This isthe very beginning but the trend isn't stopping here. The main goal of Posh SPACE is to form a digital fashion culture and create a new market,providing opportunities for realization, monetization and growth for young talents and existent market players.
    If you want to change your look, you don't need to go to the store to buy new wear or accessories anymore. Now you can instantly set a new design for your fashion stuff through your smartphone. It's sure that the real revolution in fashion and its full transformation into the digital will be made by the content creators: artists, designers and brands. For this reason, we decide to create a content-oriented platform, where the utility token POSHwill be used to create and purchase digital fashion content, as well as to pay for the services for all ecosystem participants.
    POSH is not a panacea for all the challenges the fashion tech market is going to face, but it surely covers the most serious of them. That’s designed to meet the needs and requirements of all the parties involved what will undoubtedly result into the creation of new global market.
    Pish Private whitelist sale is live! If you want to purchase tokens with a special discount GO HERE :
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  • Welcome to ZenMarket - One Cart for All Japanese Online Shopping.!

    Buying with ZenMarket you can save a lot on shipping costs, because they will consolidate your packages for free.

    Buying from a Japanese online shop in most cases is not an easy task for those who don't live in Japan and don't speak Japanese. If you do not speak Japanese, it is a tricky task to go through a registration process on a common Japanese website, or to communicate with a seller.
    Secondly, some online marketplaces do not accept credit cards and deal only with bank transfers. In some cases credit cards issued outside Japan are also not accepted. Thirdly, most Japanese online marketplaces and Yahoo! auction sellers do not ship internationally.

    ZenMarket service was meant to solve these and many other problems you might encounter when buying things from Japan. They are happy to become your all in one Japanese shopping cart where you can add items from any online marketplaces and auctions in Japan. They will handle registrations on Japanese websites, pay with bank transfer if necessary, and ship internationally. ZenMarket will also communicate to sellers if you have any questions. Most importantly, one of the main reasons to use ZenMarket is because it is cheaper. You will save a lot on international shipping when you use their default free package consolidation service. Also, upon request they will check your goods on arrival to their warehouse and will send you photos.

    ZenMarket service is cheaper than any other shopping services in Japan or even mail forwarding services, They charge only 300 yen per item no matter what you buy. In case you can't find something, they will help you to find it in Japanese online marketplaces.

    Using ZenMarket service, you can buy from any Japanese online marketplace or auction. Just add the item URL link to your Cart and place the order. In case you are not familiar with Japanese online shopping, just click on the "Other shops" tab and you will see plenty of otheronline shops, organized into categories.

    Also for you convenience, they connected their system to the three biggeste-commerce platforms in Japan: Rakuten, and Yahoo! Auctions. Now you can search for products and browse categories from these shops and auctions in English in one place! Rakuten is one of the leading shopping websites in Japan. It works as a selling platform, where all different sellers of various scales sell their goods. The variety of products on Rakuten is huge (more than 140 million products), but sometimes it might take some time to find exactly what you want.

    Japanese Amazon is more convenient to use, and in most cases it offers free shipping within Japan. ZenMarket have also integrated Japanese Yahoo! Auctions into their system, so you can bid on Yahoo! Auctions directly from ZenMarket. Yahoo! Auctions are famous for a great variety of rare items you can find only in Japan.

    Let ZenMarket be your Japanese shopping cart, where you can put in any items from any marketplace and get them shipped to your address. You can add products from different online marketplaces to one cart on ZenMarket and they will do the package consolidation for free. In case you want to communicate with a seller, ZenMarket staff will be happy to assist you.

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  • CLOUDBET : THE WORLD'S LEADING BITCOIN BETTING PLATFORM. ( just launched BitcoinCash - BCH - deposit)
    🔹Join Cloudbet today and get a 100% Deposit Bonus up to 5 BTC/BCH
    🔹Join over 100,000 players at Cloudbet sportsbook and casino on desktop, mobile and tablet.


    Cloudbet has revolutionized the online betting experience by introducing the world's most advanced Bitcoin betting platform accessible from your desktop or mobile device. For the first time, punters can browse an intuitive, elegant and 100% secure site to place immediate and discreet bets on any world event at zero fees. Hover on the edge of your seat and bet live while a game is in play, or sit back and plan out wagers in advance of scheduled events.


    Cloud Bet make the safety of your funds the number one priority, storing all the Bitcoin that they handle offline for optimum security. The impenetrable encryption technology ensures that each transaction is made securely and privately, with all winnings paid out within 24 hours, year-round. Reach out to the experienced and responsive customer service staff to resolve any issues or questions you may have. Place your Bitcoin bets through Cloudbet to enjoy a confidential, safe and instant betting environment.


    Bet in bitcoin on live sports, bitcoin accumulators, bitcoin parlays, and bitcoin prop bets. Bet on American sports using bitcoin including NFL football, NBA basketball, and MLB baseball. Bet on football all around the world, including English Premier League football, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Italian Serie A, and more. Bet with bitcoin on Indian Premier League cricket, Pakistani cricket, Australian cricket, and Twenty20 cricket.
    Cloudbet offers live betting options to their sportsbook clients. Live betting is a very hot trend currently for sportsbooks, If you’d like to bet in-play action on Cloudbet, simply click on “In-Play” or “Live Sports” section of the sportsbook. From there, Cloudbet will show you all of your live betting options.

    At Cloudbet’s sportsbook, you’re able to sortby sport type. Their sorting and site user interface makes it very easy to locate the bet you are searching for. Once you pick the sport that you’d like to wager on, you’re able to see all available options for that sport.


    If you’re looking for a change of pace from sports betting, be sure to check out the online casino that Cloudbet has to offer. There, you’ll find a solid selection of games that includes 40 slots, 15 jackpot slots, 28 games of video poker, and 22 table games. Cloudbet also offers a selection of instant win and keno games as well. Overall, I’m highly impressed with the broad selection of games that Cloudbet has in their online casino.

    Other Gambling Options at Cloudbet :
    cloudbet was on the first online casinos to introduce a live section and this area has been expanding at a steady pace ever since. Right from the start, table games were introduced here and the number of dealers increased, at the same rate as the customers. At the time of writing, it is possible to choose between blackjack, baccarat and roulette when making the transition from the random number generator to real dealers. The advantages consists in the fact that players enjoy the same experience as in land-based casinos, while the short comings are limited to the slower pace at which the games unfold.

    In addition to the classic versions for each game, players also get to choose between variants inspired by these titles. At the end of the day, the return on investment should be the same because both the RNG and live dealers are fair and Cloudbet strives to uphold its stellar reputation. The betting limits are pretty high in the casino section, at least comparable with the ones that punters benefit from on a daily basis. Players who strike it rich will have the means to cash out their entire profits without unnecessary delays.

    ✔ Sign up in just two steps.
    ✔ Bet anywhere from your desktop or mobile device.
    ✔ Bet on live or scheduled events.
    ✔ Bet privately with zero fees.
    ✔ The encryption technology secures every transaction.
    ✔ All payouts are issued within 24 hours every day of the year.
    ✔ All Bitcoin is stored offline for additional security.
    ✔ All casino gaming software is RNG-tested and audited.
    ✔ The support staff are experienced, friendly, and responsive.

    ★ SIGN UP BONUS UP TO 5 FREE BITCOIN ( Now Cloudbet Accepting BitcoinCash - BCH -) ★

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    Hey devs - are you ready to dive into the Big Dark? Take the new Developer Economics survey. 40,000 developers as they are shaping the future of software development.
    The 14th edition of the Developer Economics survey is here and it aims to shed light to the future of the software industry!
    ◾ What’s going up and what’s going down in the software industry?
    ◾ Are you working on the projects you would like to work on?
    ◾ Where do you think development time should be invested?
    🎯 Still thinking about it ? There are some perks for participants, too! Let’s have a look: Amazing prizes 🎁 up for grabs: an iPhone X, an Oculus Rift headset, a Pixel Phone 2, 3 Raspberry PIs, Alibaba Cloud vouchers and more.
    The most global developer survey, providing the developer community with knowledge, insights and fun!
    Developers all over the world are currently taking this developer survey. Will you be leftout?
  • Ripple XRP Would Be Worth $ 1,000 in 3 Years!

    Ripple Network is growing so fast. I beleive that Ripple will overtake SWIFT completely by 2018, why? Less cost & faster tx.... I think Ripple Will Dominate the Internet of Money .

    Most fintech startups fall into one of two camps : those that want to compete with banks andthose that want to save banks from themselves. Ripple is the rare exception that wants to do both.

    If Ripple has its way, it will do more than knock out Swift; it willhave found a way to make money move like information. Ripple has boomed across the cryptocurrency marketplace as itrecorded $30 million in new transactions in the second quarter of this year alone, as wellas saw the token listed on 25 new exchanges. It also boasts the third-largest market capitalization in the space — behind Bitcoin and Ether.

    Now over 60 institutions around the world use Ripple XRP, including Santander, RBC, UBS and UniCredit. could they be wrong? Ripple enables banks to open new revenue opportunities, lower processing costs and deliver better overall customer experiences. Integrate once to access the full potential of Ripple’s growing network of financial institutions and liquidity providers.
    ✔ 15 of the top 50 banks work with Ripple
    ✔ 30 active integrations
    ✔ 87 coverage of FX crosses
    ✔ 116 countries with banks implementing Ripple in production.

    Ripple processes more transactions than bitcoin and ethereum combined - at 1/100th the cost per tx, XRP takes an average of 3.7 seconds to transact, while Bitcoin averages two hours, i think XRP’s current growth is big, but it’s not even a 100th of what it can become. if price goes to $10 XRP will on highway to rise $1000 easily.

    ⏺️ That's what the experts say :
    "If Ripple is able to deliver thegoods on half of its promise, and in the span of 10 years, it captures one-tentsize the worldwide market of real-time money transfers between banks, the price of XRP is likely to not only reach 👉$100, but many times that👈 . Remember it’s going after the multi-trillion dollar financial services market, which sees a volume of transactions worth $14trn perday." -- source : The Market Mogul.

    So don’t be disappointed by Ripple for not jumping like all these other altcoins. XRP is a long term play.

  • ADZBUZZ: GET SOCIAL AND GET PAID !The Final Piece Of The ADZcoin Project Puzzle – Stand In Awe Of the Potential!
    ADZBUZZ is kind of like a Facebook/Twitter combo, but there are some major differences which can make you money! Unlike Facebook or Twitter,they pay the users a share of the advertising revenue. Its free to sign up, but you get paid to refer/promote, like, share, post, etc.
    Here is the genius behind the project : follow me if you can.
    1) Just like Bitcoin, ADZBUZZ has created its own cryptocurrency, ADZcoin. This is actually genius and will make it able for the company to last long term.
    2) ADZBUZZ has just launched a Chrome Browser extension which saves you money on online shopping by showing you the current promotional codes on each website you are on. So it is a win/win, you save money when online shopping and ADZBUZZ gets an affiliate commission. The revenue generated from this browser is then shared with the users that have the browser installed.
    Join The Social Network That Pays YOU! ADZBUZZ pays you for being social with your friends and family. Why not get paid while doing what you already do right now?
    ADZcoin is a special project and if you full understand the concept behind it understand this is a no-brainer deal, which in return will help ADZbuzz speed up the project development. In case you haven’t yet, make sure to join ADZBUZZ through this link Here :
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