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Turn a minimum investment in Advertising into a secure monthly income!

Jul 18th 2011 at 9:50 AM

There is a trend on the Internet, used in the online advertising business, to offer advertisers and members actively involved in the business a way to share in the company revenues. In the case of GoodleAdz, we have truly taken this concept to the next level.

To start with it is very important to understand the following: The only thing we as a company promise and do for our members as far as our revenue share model goes, is to share up to 70% of our revenues with our members. And secondly, these revenues are presently coming from 3 – 4 different media and advertising product income sources.
The 70% is typically made up of: Up to 50% of the product revenues goes to what is called the Revenue Sharing Pool (which is the real revenue sharing part), and up to 20% paid in sales commissions is all going back to the qualified members!

Here is how it works:

Every 24 hours the total amount of money available in the Revenue Sharing Pool is used to finance the Revenue Sharing Percentage for that particular day. Typically the percentage in the past has been from 0.5% and up to more than 2% on some of the best days in the week. This also means that if there was a day with zero sales of products or services, the percentage for members for that day would be also be zero! However, during a particularly good day, the percentage might be more than 2% or higher. The bottom line is, there is no guarantee for a daily percentage as this will move up and down according to company revenues and product sales.
Why are we paying you the daily revenue sharing percentage?

You are paid your daily revenue sharing percentage for basically doing three different things:

• For your assistance in bringing more visitors to our customers websites.
• For visiting a minimum of 20 websites in the Global-Ad-Rotator every day.
• And for bringing a minimum of two (2) customers to the company one time!

The most time consuming and consistent obligation here is the fact that in order to be paid you must spend 10 – 15 minutes every day looking at a minimum of 20 websites belonging to other customers/members in GoodleAdz. If you do not complete your 20 sites on any given day you simply will not be paid your percentage for that particular day. You are only losing time, not money! The explanation for this is the following:

Your percentage is paid up to 130% Regardless of how long it takes!
Provided you have visited the qualifying minimum of 20 websites for the day, your daily percentage (whatever it is) will be paid to you. And this will be paid to you every day up to the point when you have been paid back 130% of the original purchase of ad-credits. Example: One purchase of $1,000 Ad Credits is called one Ad Credits Package. Your daily percentage is paid to you until you have been paid a total of $1,300 based on that package. However, you may purchase as many packages as you want and thus have many Ad Credit Packages on which you are paid the daily percentage. And remember, this is all achieved only based on the results possible with the Revenue Sharing Percentage part of the income plan alone. Join us as a member, and we will be more than happy to show you how you can achieve the following:

• Bring tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website(s)
• Create a long-term sustainable income of thousands of dollars per month.
• How to grow a one-time purchase of Ad Credits of $1,000 into a total of $70,000 in Ad Credit value in less then one year.
• And how, based on that, you would be able to start cashing out approx. $170 the first day and then increasing by approximately 10 dollars per day thereafter.
• How your participation in the program could bring you more than 600,000 visitors to your website(s) with the same advertising investment and in the same amount of time.


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