The way to $25 per day at Onbux

Aug 16th 2010 at 9:16 AM

Bux programs are similar to PTC ones, with an addition:  the possibility of renting (or buying in some cases) referrals. And this is the clue, how to manage them and how to understand their "clicking activity".

 This is the main error of mentioned strategies that you can easily find posted in the web.

 Lets go step by step:

 You will find in the “ By Upgrade”  section of Onbux the different upgrades available and the difference between them in respect of all indicators that form part of this program, including the free standard membership.

 What should be your goal ?:  To reach the maximum level in the shortest time as possible. This can be done by  free in a very long period of time, or you can go investing  any amount of money you dispose in order to rent referrals packages. This will  drastically reduce your time to reach the highest scenario.

 The highest scenario is the Ultimate, but let us imagine our aim is to reach the Golden membership.

 Let us also imagine that we are not able to promote and get direct referrals and we will be working only with rented referrals.

 Golden status allows you to have a maximum of 2000 rented referrals that will cost you $0,20 per referral, that is a total investment of $400.-

 You will always work with Autopay enabled, this means that each time your referral clicks, the rental life is extended by one day by deducting from your rental balance $0,006 per referral that clicks.If the referral does not click, one day is deducted from the lifespan of that referral.

 So how much will be your daily income once having Golden membership and a team of 2000 referrals?

If your answer is 2000 referrals x 4 clicks per referral x $0,01 per click = $80 per day,  minus 2000 referrals x $0,006 per referral = $12 per day due to Autopay deduction, giving a result of $68 per day, YOU ARE WRONG, as all the strategies out there.

 If you follow them, you will easily get frustrated and you will soon abandon your attempt.

 Where is the mistake ?  There are two of them :

 1) Not all referrals do click daily

2) Not all clicking referrals  will click all 4 advertisements available.

 My referral`s  statistics for the past  10 days show me that 60% of my team  clicks daily and the ones that click, only click on 67% of the advertisements available.

If we introduce those  two rates to our calculation above, the correct answer will be:

(2000 referrals x 0,6) x ( 4 clicks per referral x 0,67) x $0,01 per click = $32,16 per day,  minus (2000 referrals x 0,6) x $0,006 per referral = $7,20 per day due to Autopay deduction, giving a result of $24,96 per day, that become $25 per day by adding the daily $0,04 of our own clicks.


Total investment : 2000 referrals x 0,20 $/referral : $400 +  $80 0r $90 Yearly Golden Upgrade (depending on payment processor you use)

Total monthly income : $25 x 30 days : $750 including autopay payment that extends permanently the lifespan of your clicking team.

This is not exact as you may have to replace some referrals at $0,20 each, but in general we can estimate  a MONTHLY return of 50+% for your $490 investment.

Don’t forget that we have not considered having any direct referral !

If you feel  I am  wrong, please do contact me with your comments.

I believe that the figures are more than interesting in order to face this challenge.

Thank you for signing through my link,  you will have my permanent support and I will periodically brief you on my way to $25 per day with Onbux.

In a second article I shall post about how I manage my rental referrals

  Welcome and success !




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Feb 15th 2011 at 10:07 AM by jakaroomba
Thanks Lisandro for an enlightening article. It is sure an upgrade to my previous strategy. Unfortunately I am already a member of Onbux and all the other buxes and cannot join under you.

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