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Why You Will Fail to Make Money with GDI in 2010...
Hi Reader,

Did that hit a nerve? If you've ever tried GDI it probably will. So many are
failing with GDI. And there is clear reasons why:

1. Teamwork - just does'nt work. No ones doing it in GDI, everyone is individually
trying to get a weekly bonus... and most are failing.

2. The market for GDI is now saturated. Almost everyone who would be
interested in GDI, is now in GDI... or quit and moved on.

To be successful, you need...

- A business where everyone is given a simple plan to follow.
- A business where teamwork WORKS.
- A business that pays out more than GDI, for less work.
- A business where your costs are easily covered.

There is one business that not only meets that, it goes way beyond.
Lets compare this to GDI....

Break Even Point.
- It takes 10 sign-ups to recoup your membership fee with GDI.
- It takes 2 sign-ups to recoup your membership fee here.

Payout Percentage.
- GDI pays out 50% of all payments as commisions to its members.
- This business pays out 96% of all payments as commissions to its members.

- There is no spillover at all with GDI.
- This business offers a mathematically unbeatable spillover rate (Every 2!)...
e.g. If I get just 3, the 3rd drops down to members like you.

Average Earnings Per Person.
- You earn an average $1 per person in your downline with GDI.
- From a full matrix here, you earn an average of $4.56 per person in your

Total Earnings.
- With 510 people in your GDI downline, you earn $510.
- With 510 people here, you earn $2,330.00.
(And we know a clever trick to get $6,900.00 monthly with no extra effort).

Multiple Positions / Maximizing Earnings.
- GDI does not allow multiple positions, or any other of increasing monthly
- You can take an unlimited number of positions here, each earning you

Products and Services.
- GDI offers a domain name and very basic hosting.
- This business provides a full featured VPS hosting service and reseller

But when all is said and done, this is why our business is, well, just too easy...

- Each member only needs to sign-up 2. Just 2. EVER.

So, how do you get 2? We give you over $1500.00 in advertising coupons, tested
and proven (inc Yahoo & Google), copy and paste ads, and exact steps to put
them in place

- total effort, less than 1 hour.

That advertising is actually total overkill. But we're so determined to ensure
everyone gets at least 2 members, so it just makes sense to do that. We're after
fail proof, and yeah we've actually done it... (watch the video for proof of that)

Why not join a team, that cannot fail?...


Have a great day, Bob Collins

P.S. Well give you F'ree Pay Per Click Coupons just for clicking that link.
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