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I am an internet marketer, owner of Bronzi's Web Gift Store, mom of two and I am married. I love the computer, music, dancing and reading books on personal development and business strategies.

You can visit my store here for New Gift Ideas:

But at this time delivery is only available in the United States.

I welcome you as a new customer and a friend.
Bronzilla Sheppard | bmshepp
Hello! I hope all is well with you and yours.
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Bronzi's 24 Hour Wealth Blog
  • The Adventures of Hercules 2016-06-19T15:00:00.000-04:00

    I have more fun watching this and the first one '83 than any super duper 3d bullshit nowadays. (Excused the french)!

    This Hercules is sexy.

    He punched a laser so hard, it went twice around the world and died.

    Hercules searches for the Seven Thunderbolts of Zeus, which have been stolen by renegade gods.

    Lala Allison
    Lala Allison

  • 3 Positive Steps To Discover The Purpose Of Life 2016-06-19T11:00:00.000-04:00
    In this post we will discuss the concept of life and its underlying principle. We will be going through a step by step procedure, exploring your feelings and options, and by the end of this article, you should have a fairly solid tool you could immediately employ in your life, to give it a meaningful direction.

    There are three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life:
    Understanding the principle of choice
    Creating your underlying principle
    Aligning your life with the underlying principle
    Understanding the principle of choice

    Norman Vincent Peale has this to say about the power of choice. “The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It is an actual fact, that if you have been groping under unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous, instead. And, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. The whole trend and the quality of anyone’s life is determined by the choice that are made”.

    Choosing is the most important activity of your mind, because by making a choice, you are proclaiming your desires to your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind get to know your desires, it is going to do anything to manifest them in your life. The choices you make in your life become your goal. And, if you are sincere in pursuing them, there is no reason why you should not accomplish them.

    Indecision, on the other hand, not only creates frustration and anxiety, but can also confuse the subconscious mind about what you want. But it is important that the choices you make are made by you, in accordance with your true desires, purposes and aptitude. A lot us of let others make choices for us, or make our choices according to what we think is ‘correct’, even if that means that we go against our wishes. What is right for someone is may not be right for you, and the way to know this is listening to what your heart says.

    So, begin with, make a list of things which interests you; things which you have always enjoyed, which makes you feel better, which inspires you to surge ahead, no matter what obstacles you face.

    Do you like doing something creative, or something artistic?
    Do you enjoy nature, do you like the sea?
    Do you enjoy helping others?
    Do you get pleasure out of making a difference in other people’s life?

    What ever it is that interests you, go ahead and make a list under the following headlines:
    Things you love to do:

    What is it that you love in this thing and why? How you could do this for money, and make a living out of it?

    Creating Your Underlying Principle:
    The next step is to examine the list you just made and find out if there is any recurring them. Maybe, it is the contribution that keeps coming up, or an effect to seek or give love, or helping your parents cope with old age. Whatever it is try to identify the central them of the things you love to do, and try to put it in a short and precise statement. This will be your ‘Mission Statement’. It may even be a quote by a famous person, or a philosophy that has influenced you. Of course, as you grow up, this statement could evolve, but its soul will remain the same. Now, write down your Mission Statement.

    Aligning your LIFE with the Underlying Principle:
    The final step in this journey is to map your path to your ultimate purpose. Make the little changes in your lifestyle that would accommodate this principle in your life. LIVE this principle each and every day. It might take a few days, but you will certainly feel the difference in your enthusiasm for life. If you realize that you love being amidst nature, plan out your holiday. Maybe an outing with your children could be enough to recoup with your energy. On the other hand, you might even want to change your job, or start a new business, that is more in line with your mission.

    Remember – “Do what you love, and money will follow”.

Goal Setting Tips and Secrets For Success
  • Eight Steps to Taking Control of Every Situation in Your Life 2015-10-21T08:00:00.000-04:00
    Like it or not, we are all gladiators. We go to sleep and wake up in a social arena from which there is no escape. Challenge upon challenge confronts us, walls restrain us, and a mob of spectators mocks, sneers, or cheers us. Each and every day brings new battles whether we want them or not and whether we're up to them or not. Life forces us to face one skirmish after another - no choice in the matter.

    What we can choose, though, is which kind of gladiator to be, victor or victim.

    Being a victim in this social arena translates into having bad relationships.

    Most people are victims - victims of their own perceptions.

    That's because people don't develop and listen to their own unique, authentic self. Rather they allow their mental spectators - those little tyrants rattling around in their heads - to tell them second by second how to fight their battles, what they can and cannot do. These tyrants applaud and they hiss, they encourage and they discourage.

    These mental spectators are the memories of the judgments of real-life people. For example, it's the memory of your aunt saying, "I hope you marry someone rich, because you're not going far on brains." It's the echo of your father growling, "You've got a back problem - no spine."

    And their influence over your relationships can't be overestimated.

    Millions of people accept the judgments of their mental spectators as the truth and, therefore, the mediocre results that come from believing those judgments.

    With so many people living this way, the question becomes, is this the way I have to live? Fortunately, the answer is not unless you want to.

    Once you identify your mental spectators - and your interactions with them - you can move beyond victim and assume the role of victor.

    What it takes are eight steps for getting command, eight steps you can apply to most any situation you want altered. You can positively influence your relationships, your employment options, any aspect of your life.

    Let's look at the steps.

    1. Define What Ails You.
    Ask, what's my problem? Am I a jealous weasel, troubled that others have what I want? Am I ticked off most of the time? Am I sad and whiney? Anxiety ridden? Moody? All of the above? Without this step, you're doomed. It will take personal courage, but you won't get results without identifying what ails you.

    2. Discover the Effects.
    Ask, how are my problems affecting my life? Am I a lousy parent, a friendless dork, a backstabber, a slut, a drunk, a junkie? Am I none of the above, but someone who is less than I could be? This step requires absolute self-honesty, but the truth will help set you free.

    3. Seek the Source.
    Ask, from where are my problems coming? Who are my real and my mental spectators? What do my mental spectators look like, say, and do? Exactly who or what is keeping me from taking command of my life? This could be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. You will look into the abyss and see who is looking back.

    4. Identify Your Role.
    Ask, how am I contributing to my problems? What is my responsibility in all this? Did I decide to be a garbage disposal? Do I beat myself to death trying to please others? Do I expect things of myself that are unfair? Do I treat myself as a friend or an enemy? Do I allow my mental spectators to drive me to distraction, depression, anger, anxiety? Recognizing your role in your own problems is a positive - but scary - step toward knowing yourself and gaining personal command.

    5. State Your Desires.
    Ask, what do I specifically want to do about my problems? Do I want to be a doormat, a slut, a drunk, a friendless geek? Or do I want to rule my mental spectators? Do I want to stand up to a spectator, real or imagined, who puts me down? Do I want to take command of my education, my bank account, my relationships? Until you can actually list your desires in the order of their importance, you will be a victim. However, once you do this, you are on your way to being a victor.

    6. Seek Options.
    Ask, what are my options, and in what order should I place them? What is the first option I should concentrate on? The second one? The third? If you have a soul-sucking hangover most mornings, you might opt to give up your booze buddies for some real friends.

    Secondly, take the money you normally spend at bars and deposit it in a college fund for yourself or your kids. If, instead, you're a workaholic and you want to spend more time with your kids, then DO IT. Very few people on their deathbed have said, "If I could live life all over again, I'd spend more of it at work and less with people I love." Choices are involved here, but by weighing options and alternatives, and then making personal choices, you are taking command. Do this and you'll begin to gain real power.

    7. Learn Winning Techniques.
    Ask, how do I rule my real and my mental spectators? Must I collapse in a heap when they point thumbs down? How can I learn to take charge on every level and get a grip on my life? There is no "magic" involved, but you might feel as if there is. Unlike a vanquished gladiator falling at the whim of spectators, you decide your own course.

    8. Master Your Relationships.
    Ask, what more can I do to master my relationships by strengthening myself and my perceptions? How do I take command right now in developing my own identification and self-worth?

    Congratulations! You're working on the one person in the entire world you can work on - YOU! And any improvements in yourself can't help but enrich your relationships with other people and the world around you.

    Although this is only a brief overview of each of the eight steps for jump-starting your relationships and taking control of your life, you'd be amazed at how significant the effects of a few minor adjustments in perception can be.

Bronzi Home Based Business Tips
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  • Martha Steward And Snoop Dogg? What! 2016-10-23T10:30:00.000-04:00
    So, its been a minute since I last posted on this blog. That is since 911. Well the reason I'm doing a post today is because, I seen a commercial that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg had did when I was watching RuPaul's All Stars last night.

    Needless to say, I was SHOCKED to see them two together in a commercial for their new show that is coming out on November 7th at 10pm eastern time on VH1.

    Below is the commercial that I seen.

    So, as I started to do research on them and the new series that they are in called, 'Pot Luck Dinner Party' has been the talk of the town. It seems like everyone was shocked like I was to hear this. I have more videos below so you can check it out for yourself. 

    In this video below you'll learn why they are doing this show and that they have already made ten shows already.

    In this video below you will find out that these two has been buddies for a while now. This is not the first time these two have been on TV together.

    But, in every video, they are all shocked that these two are having a show together. Are you shocked too?

    The video above does have a good point and below is a four minute preview of the show. I can tell now that this is going to be a blast of a show. I was LMAO!

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My Favorite Videos And Movies
  • Vampire Hunter D Blood lust English Dub 2016-08-23T15:37:00.000-04:00

    This film has to have one of the best openings of all time. Not only is
    it dripping with atmosphere, but In 2 minutes it establishes the tone,
    the setting, the antagonist and the plot. What's more, it does all this
    without a single word of dialogue.

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