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The Glorious History Of Record Players

Aug 14th 2015 at 1:42 AM

Music is very important for bringing ease and comfort to our daily lives. Whenever we are stressed and worried, music helps us and keep us calm and relax. Wonder what happen we could not listen to the music? Well, the recording and reproduction of music goes back in the 18th century when the first music player was invented.

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It is due to the invention of the record player that we are now able to listen to the music using MP3 players whenever and wherever we want. Even today, people would love to buy these record players and that is one of the reason that internet is filled with turntable reviews and turntable discounts.

History of Record Players:

Record players or what is most common is the turntable was not in this shape or structure at first when it was invented. The first form of this machine was named as the phonograph and was quite different from what we can see it today.

1. The Phonograph:

The phonograph was the first generation of the today’s record players. The first phonograph was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877. He was of the view that the needle could be used to etch the impression of sound on to a paper which can then be reproduced. It was the first invention by Thomas Edison which led him to the great popularities of the world. He was invited to the White House for the demonstration of his invention in 1878. Long cylinders were used as the records in this machine.

2. The Gramophone:

The phonograph was a great invention but not perfect. It can only reproduce sound one time and the quality of the sound was terrible as well. After 10 years of this invention, Emile Berliner modified it to gramophone. He started using flat discs instead of cylinders for recording sound. The first record was made of glass but later on, zinc and plastic were used.

3. The Records:

In 1906, RCA Victor introduced the Victrola Model Records providing a variety of turntable speeds in order to accommodate a wide range of records. In 1908, the first double sided phonograph record was introduced by Columbia Records which also gained great popularity. In 1912, you could not able to see even a single cylindrical record then after a span of 12 years, the technology got more advanced and electrical records was introduced.

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