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Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Jun 2nd 2015 at 9:50 PM

Your hands and feet are probably the two most important tools on your body. Use them every day for pretty much everything. You need to make sure that they are healthy and clean. However, many people have problems when it comes to their feet. If you have problems as well and you’re not the only one. We’re not talking of course, about pain of the bones or of the muscles. We are talking about bunions and corns. A large percent of people struggles with these abnormalities every single day. But what are bunions and corns?

Abnormalities on your feet

Bunions are lumps that are created on the bone of the base joint in the big toe. The reason why many people get bunions is because they tend to wear really tight shoes. Another reason could be heritage and sometimes it is because of an injury. If you’re trying to find ways on how to get rid of bunions then you will find that there are many simple solutions for that.

You could, go barefoot for a while. If you allow your feet the freedom of not having tight shoes around them you will see a great difference in a short amount of time. By going barefoot you will give your feet the chance to heal themselves. Regular feet exercise could also provide you with great results.

Now, when it Corner Shower comes to corns the same solution applies here. Going barefoot can help you with your corns as well. However, there are more solutions when it comes to corns. If you do a quick search online on

Keep your feet in a good condition

Of course the best solution would be to make sure you prevent this from ever happening. You can try to find the pressure points in the frictions and try to remedy them. Soaking your feet in warm water and a bit of baking soda can do wonders. You can try rubbing them with a pumice stone. If the corns remain try rubbing some vinegar on them with cotton ball.

If you try to follow any of the above remedies for these two problems chances are that you’re going to see great results in a short amount of time. Make sure that you try everywhere you find and find the perfect solution on how to get rid of them. Having your feet pain-free will give you a sensation like no other.

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