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Cineam - Many of us, in fact, think that each of us understands this term and knows what that means. Is unauthorized access to anything. Today, the whole world, the victim of hacking many ordinary people, companies and even computer companies. This is something that can be done on any level. Because there is a saying, "If you can do that, you can break it."

Today, billions of people have accounts on many free e-mail sites, social networking sites and others, and many have lost their accounts with some important personal data on the side. For those who have tried this thing, they know how scary it is, and those who have not believed me, this may be the worst of the night.

Now, we got to the technical side. There are a number of types of piracy. We will focus only on hacking on the Internet that includes ordinary people. What does a normal person have online? Two things: e-mail accounts and social networking profiles. He has most personal data in these two places, and here his privacy becomes vulnerable. If he unfortunately has some acquaintance who is not a good person and has good knowledge of the Internet, this person may face the consequences of some of them in the future.

Hackers use a number of ways to access victim data. On the Internet, "social engineering" is the easiest and most effective way to do this. Hackers develop the relationship with the victims and then exploit them. One way is to send an email that contains a link to another website. When you open the link, they ask the user to enter the user name and password, and when they do, the hacker and the user go type of error messages. The irony of the situation is that the victim will never know that this has just happened. This is called "phishing". Only people who have knowledge of God programmatically can do so.

One can get away with this trick if he is a bit cautious and does not open messages from anonymous people and does not enter any passwords when asked if he has reached this site from an indirect link.

Another way is to install programs that continue to run a log of any activity done on the computer with all data entered and on the website where the data is entered. Therefore, this can also happen if you are using a university, school, workplace, or a public computer.

So, always keep this thing in your mind, where you sit and what information you are trying to reach. Avoid as much as possible using your personal accounts from public computers because you never know who is watching you.

You can also use instant messaging to accomplish the pan. Hackers can send some links that could cause your email account to be lost.

Do not follow any irrelevant links, even if someone close to you is sending you because you do not know who is using this account. Hacker does not use people's accounts to reach their friends. Internet

Your secret questions can sometimes lead to your destruction. Many people do not realize the importance of the secret question and write only clear things to their friends and people around them.

So, never use anything that is predictable as your security question because if a friend, colleague, or an acquaintance can guess it correctly, it's in your account. This applies to passwords as well. Try to make passwords complicated and difficult to guess. Many people use their birthdays, mobile phone numbers, and some clear words like "password" as their own. This makes hackers work a piece of cake. So, for you, do not do that. Internet

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