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2 years ago

What Is Stagflation.

Jan 27th 2011 at 2:12 PM


We are heading for Stagflation!

Questions over a possible Stagflation ’crisis as figures are expected to show

growth has nearly ground to a halt. It is predicted that growth slowed to Just

0.4 per cent before Christmas, from 0.7 per cent in the third quarter of last year.


This will fuel worries that Britain is heading for a bout of Seventies-style

Stagflation- a painful mix of weak growth high unemployment and rising inflation.

Any weak growth numbers between October and December will provide

ammunition for our Shadow Chancellor, who will argue the economy is too fragile

to withstand the Government cuts programme.


The set back to recovery is expected because of the harsh weather hit the Building

Sector, even though I can’t remember any building taking place before Christmas.

Arctic conditions also curbed High Street spending.

The combination of sluggish growth and high inflation is worrying analysts.

Inflation is running at 3.7 per cent on the consumer price index, almost double

The Bank of England’s target of 2 per cent. Economists believe it could rise to

5 per cent within months forcing Banks to raise interest rates.


The high cost of fuel which will be reflected in everything we buy, will be the

Driver of Stagflation.


So what will this mean to you and me!

Unemployment, which is running at 2.5 million, is expected to rise due to the

Public sector job cuts suggesting dole queues could lengthen by 100,000 this year.

Meanwhile the number of firms in financial distress in the fourth quarter soared

by 25 per cent. Nearly 150,000 companies were in difficulty despite rock bottom

Interest rates and this figure is expected to rise with the increase in interests rates.

Bearing in mind that more retired people will lose their homes and go bankrupt,

that at any time before Christmas. This is because they have had their savings or

their pension eaten away by inflation and this is seen to carry through to 2012,

and beyond.


What is the answer!


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Jan 4th 2012 at 10:42 AM by LonnieG
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