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Below is an excerpt from the Best Man Speech format article published at Best Man speech Insight. it discusses about the importance of choosing the right best man speech format for yourself. There are several best man speech formats to choose from and you need to pick depending on your and the groom's personality.
Regardless of whether a best man chooses to use a specific best man speech format found online or purchased, it is advised that he begin working on the speech in advance and that he write an outline before creating the entire speech. By creating an outline first, it is easier to keep the overall length of the speech to less than ten minutes.

Although the best man speech is stereotypically humorous, the level and extent of humor used should mirror the groom's personality. If a groom tends to be a joker, it is much more acceptable for the best man to use funny stories that may slightly embarrass the groom. It is important, however, to remember the audience as there will often be children and grandparents present who may not appreciate some humor. If the groom does not have much of a sense of humor then sentimental and complementary best man speeches are more appropriate. The best man speech typically revolves around the groom but it should acknowledge the bride and give well wishes to the happy couple.

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