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Stop letting your computer control your life. Automate almost all of your marketing tasks. Austins Lazy Marketing Method is an awesome system designed to save you time and money while you earn money. http://austinslaz
Austins Lazy Marketing Method is here to help you
"Tired of spending countless hours online
marketing your products or programs?

I have been quietly developing a system
that will automate almost every part of
your marketing tasks.

Send out a message to over 30 safelists,
update over a dozen blogs, read thousands
of credit emails each with the click of
a button.

This is a system you need to have if you
want to save time and save money.

This incredible system also allows you to
make money by allowing you to earn 50%
instant commission payments paid directly
to your account when your referral upgrades.
No middle man, no waiting for your payout.
You get paid when the sale happens.

This is a system designed by an affiliate
marketer for affiliate marketers. You
deserve this program.

To your success,

Admin "
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Affilitize your income
  • My New blog

    For a long time I have been undecided whether or not I wanted to set up a storefront or not to sell my huge collection of PLR products.

    So I finally decided to install a Wordpress blog on my site and use that to show which products I have for sale and some free ones too. I think this really brings new perspective to the Affilaite Marketers Network.

    Stop by and have a look for yourself. Then be sure to bookmark it because I have over 12 gigs of products to put together.

    Many of these products are less than what you would normally pay on someone elses site. I'm not greedy! I make my money when you make money. 90% of the money I receive from the sale of any of these products pays for advertising. I make my money from affiliate programs and use the profits from my PLR products to advertise them.



  • Get Your Own Google, Facebook, or Myspace!

    Now you can start your own internet empire!

    Get this collection of 11 clone scripts of the original
    sites for less than $3 each!

    Comes with complete resell rights!

    Get your download now before I remove the offer!




  • 3 Websites to earn over $28,000 per month!

    If you and I have never officially met my name is Austin. I am a Webmaster. I have built dozens of websites over the past 6 years. Some are still in use some are not. As a result of the economic meltdown we have been thrust into I have realized that I have the skills and experience to help many people make money and stop worring about the bills

    I have been a marketer for some time now and have joined many programs over the years. I have had some luck but I never saw any real progress. Some programs I am still a member of but because getting referrals sucks the accounts are sitting empty. When they say it takes money to make money they were right.

    One day I tried spending some money to make some money. I joined a popular program for ONLY $7 ... "that's all you need to start making thousands a day!"

    Yeah right!

    However it did work I paid my $7, set up my account and started promoting it. One of my first referrals signed up but because I only paid $7 and my referral paid more I didn't get any part of the sale. I felt cheated.

    That was when I started working on It is based on the same concept, the payments are instant but you get paid not matter how much you spend. If you pay $10 to become a EGP site owner you will earn a minimum of $10 for every sale you generate. Even if your referral purchases a higher paying site.

    This site is working and making people money daily. I highly encourage you to get your own EGP site while this opportunity is still new. I spend advertising every month to make this monster GROW!

    Building this website launched me to build another one. This program has grown bigger than I thought it would and is still growing.

     I have recently finished integrating the Affiliate Marketers Rotator so you can access your account through your Affiliate Marketers member area or through the main page. I also finished integrating the new 10x4 forced matrix that will pay an awesome $22,220 in residual income every month.

    You can become a Pro Marketer for a one time payment of only $9.95. Pro Marketers get access to over $1,000 worth of PLR products, they earn $2 for every Pro Marketer they refer, they l earn 50% of every sale of PLR products or the OTO they generate through their affiliate URL, they receive 1 permanent position in the members only rotator, and a FREE Pro Membership worth $9.95 per month in the Affiliate Marketers Traffic Exchange.

    You can become an Expert Marketer for only $19.95 per month and still have access to the member downloads but you will earn $3 for every Pro marketer through 2 levels and a residual income of $5 for every Expert marketer. Plus they receive 2 permanent positions in the members only rotator and a FREE Premium membership worth $19.95 in the Affiliate Marketers Traffic Exchange.

    I still have more features and benefits planned for the future and still have more work to do, but the site is open and is ready for you to make money.

    The site that I have recently opened is a site for members to work together. is member supported program and an awesome 5x5 forced matrix. This program has no rotators, no surfing requirements, and no individual downlines. All members promote to the same downline. This allows your downline to fill faster.

    Once your small matrix is full your monthly residual income will be $5,467. Plus one of the cool features about this site is that multiple accounts are allowed and encouraged. This is one that will definitely make it's mark on the web. For only $7 per month you will be able to earn thousands. PLUS as an active member of you will receive a FREE super JV upgrade at CashCrazyAds.

    So there it is. My 3 part version of affiliate marketing and networking at its best. Please take the time to visit some of these sites and register. Many of them are free but to access the true earning power you must be an upraded member.

    Join my marketing team and truly earn thousands in income every month. You have the chance to be at the top of 3 very new programs. Grab your spot now!


  • Do you Have an website?

    You have probably heard some of the talk about

    Some people are a little confused about how this awesome
    program works.

    Once you purchase your EGP site you are put into business
    for yourself. Your payment button is placed on the site for
    you as if you put it there yourself.

    What this does is allow you to earn INSTANT payments to
    YOUR account. There is no middle man. The money goes right
    to you. Not me or anyone else.

    You will be able to watch your monthly residual income grow
    just as I have. Starting with only $10 you can easily earn

    Our system allows you to collect your referrals emails to
    build your mailing list. This is your list and you can email
    them using our system every 5 days.

    Plus when you become a EGP site owner your Owner URL is
    inserted into the Owners Only rotator that I blast with
    thousands of visitors everyday.

    This gives you f.r.e.e advertising and a chance to add even
    more income to your pocket. This is your business.

    Get your website now and see how much
    you can really be earning.


    P.s. I have purchased advertising for the Owners Only Rotator in the form of
    start pages, traffic credits, and 2 a million email
    marketing campaign. Get your EGP site now and get in the
    rotator before it's too late.


    Great Traffic Generating Websites...

    Do you Sweeva?

    Get your own lead building script F.R.E.E!

    Pure Viral Traffic!

    Join f.r.e.e get 1,000 f.r.e.e credits

    Are you Swomming?


  • This is getting ready to POP!

    I designed because I wanted to allow everyone a chance to make money no matter what level their referral joined.

    I joined several programs where you don't receive any money if your referral signs up to a higher level than you did. I don't think this is fair. If I promote and spread the word about your system I would like to earn something from my paying referrals.

    That was when I cam up with the idea for If you purchase a $10 earning website, you will earn a minimum of $10 when and if your referral upgrades.

    for example...if you are a $10 Owner and you refer a $50 Owner you will still earn $10! If you are a $100 owner you will earn 100% of every sale you make!

    To make it even better these payments are paid instantly and directly to YOU.

    That is what makes this system so unique. I am not greedy. I want to help as many people as I can make money. The more money I can help you earn the more money I will earn just by helping you.

    This is an awesome win-win situation for both of us!

    Plus as a website owner your Owner URL will be placed into the Owners Only Rotator up to 5 times for free. I blast this rotator with thousands of visitors every week giving you added exposure and free advertising for your Owner URL.

    I hope you will take the time to visit and register. This site is fresh and has lots of room to grow. Get your instant cash generating website today and see how much you can make.


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