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2 years ago

Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata In Female

Apr 27th 2019 at 4:48 AM

The second option is to use medications, from minoxidil, to vitamins,
as well as combinations of steroids, creams and compounds that include
antibiotics, handling with PUBA rays sessions, etc.
This management is specific to the dermatologist and we will not stop
there, because it is an option that you must handle with this
We will talk about the third option, the homeopathic approach.

How can you treat and cure homeopathy?

A Good homeopathic Doctor consider the human being as a whole and the
disease as an expression of an imbalance, an expression of the body
that tells us what factors are altered and what we should correct.
When you go to the Homeopathic doctor with this problem of your hair,
you will find that the doctor will make a very complete story not only
of your main disease, but of all the areas of your life, your personal
and family history, your gynecological ailments, and will do Much
emphasis on seemingly unrelated topics, such as wanting to know parts
of your personality, such as fears, phobias, family relationships,
personal, dreams, likes or dislikes for food, weather, flavors, in
short, almost everything that the doctor will consider be important in
your case.

The reason is that the doctor is looking for a remedy that fits your
unique and individual being as well as in normal medicine, homeopaths
know that there are emotional causes that cause hair loss,
immunological causes, environmental causes, genetic, but that unlike
dermatologists, homeopaths have remedies that include all the factors
mentioned previously.

Special situations.
There are more than 36 homeopathic medicine for treating ALOPECIA
AREATA. Although in reality, if the doctor finds your right remedy, he
will look for it among all the available remedies, not only these 36.
It all depends on the symptoms that the doctor finds when examining
your history.

There are some special situations, for which there is already a
specific remedy, I will give some examples, with the name of the
associated homeopathic medicine:
Hair loss during pregnancy has a specific remedy: LACHESIS.
If it occurs during the period of lactation, the   remedy is NATRUN MURIATICUM.
If the hair falls after a love break, CARBONICA BARITA is used.
If the fallen hair is replaced by gray hair, the remedy is VINCA MINOR.
If in addition to falling hair, also fall the nails, the specific
remedy is USTILAGO (you should also think of two others: graphites and
Helleborus Niger).
If the hair falls and is associated with depression, the most
indicated remedy is PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM (also considered Ignatia,
lachesis and staphisagria).
If the hair falls, but it comes out in other places where there was
not before, LYCOPODIUM.

With these examples, we only want to show you the great variety of
remedies and situations that can lead to alopecia and that do not
exist in conventional medicine, but we have homeopaths for these
For us, homeopathic doctors, each remedy has some characteristics to
choose from among all other options.
Our other articles explaining how it is treated with Homeopathy and
the Best indicated Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are given

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Alopecia Areata Repertorial Update
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April 2018 and 17 Aug, 2018
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