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Why? It Totally Floors Me! Why Aren't You Using this Great Opportunity?

Mar 30th 2011 at 12:20 AM

Hello Fellow IM Faceplate Members:

It Totally Floors Me, that the Majority of IM Faceplate Members, are NOT Taking Advantage of the Awesome Social Networking Functions that we can use to generate more Social Interaction.

What do I mean by this?

I was going through the Members that I am Following here at IM Faceplate.
I would click on their Twitter, Face book, and You Tube Links on their profiles.
To My Surprise there are a whole lot of members who have NOT Added any other social networking links to their profile. They are Dead links!
Why? Why would a person Not want to take Advantage of these functions?

Here are some reasons why I think  You should Add the Other Social Networking Sites to Your IM Faceplate Profile, and Why You Should Follow Others in them also.

I know of some friends here at IM Faceplate, that spend the majority of their time on Face book.  So, when I want to send a message to them, I go there.
Shouldn't we talk to our potential customers, and new contacts, where they feel
the most comfortable? Aren't you missing out on that social interaction with those members?

I know of other people that are Twitter-aholics ;) (new word I think LOL)
They do all or most of their socializing on Twitter. That is where they are the most comfortable, and spend the majority of their time there.

Then you have the video marketers, who express themselves and socialize on You Tube. They watch video's, comment and subscribe/Add Friends on You Tube.
They would rather watch a video than read a blog or Article.
Video Marketing is growing and is becoming a Fantastic way to Brand Yourself. Are You Missing out?

I have met some REALLY Nice people here on IM faceplate and I try to keep tabs on them when I have time. But those same people, I am also following on Face book (and/or Twitter), and I have found them sharing some Really good information on Face book (and/or twitter), that they are not sharing here.
I have gotten to know them alot more by following them in all of these places.
We are building a closer connection, which is What we want .. Right?

Another Reason I have found that has helped me, because I have been following IM Faceplate members on Face book and Twitter:
The People Here I am following,know people that I didn't know! Their Friends are  NOT on IM Faceplate, and I have Now connected with them because of this!
Very Nice people with loads of information that I want to learn from. I want to follow their Posts on Face book and Read their Tweets. Guess What, those friends know other people and they know other people........... and it goes on and why not take advantage of this????

Building friendships and trust with others will help you with your business.
Your customers/members that know you will be more supportive and loyal.
So why on Earth would you NOT want to Add  a few more social sites to your faceplate that IM faceplate has been nice enough to Add to our profile.
Why do you think that IM Face plate added these Links to Our Profiles to use?

If You Do Not Grow and Learn New Things, you will become stagnant.
Every business needs growth, Traffic, Customers...........
Build a relationship with others, if they trust you .. they will join you in your business.
You will be in contact with Far More People, adding more potential for success.

We are all like minded people with an Internet business or affiliation.
We are all looking for new contacts.
We all have things we can share with others and we can all learn from other people's knowledge.
We should use all the ways we have available to share, learn, and connect with others that we have at our fingertips.

Your comments are welcome.
Feel free to Add me as a friend at Face book and Follow me on Twitter.
I also have a You Tube channel that I will be adding How to Video's, so if you are new to the Internet, you may just want to subscribe to my channel there also.

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Best Wishes to Your Success
Dee Westcott

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Apr 16th 2011 at 8:01 PM by schmity58
Yes I agree isn't networking about friendships and relationships know like and trust getting yourself out there.
Apr 16th 2011 at 4:27 PM by TimRR
good one

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