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Why can't I make money online?

May 4th 2011 at 8:18 PM

My 2nd article is about why you can't make money online.

Why do 99% of people never make money online, 99% of the time? Because when someone searches in Google, or any other search engine for that matter,and types in say, a topic of interest like "make money online", "business opportunities", in order to generate some extra cash working from home,what they see is "Organic" sites listings (those 3 or more with top ranking ), they'll see SPONSORED listings. Getting them into a business opportunity, home business. How are you going to advertise that same business that you found, through either the Sponsored listings (Google Adwords) or the sites that are in the top of the search engines?

Sure; you could find business opportunities there, but there's no way of advertising it as the person is already there, or you'll be in competition, in the Google Adwords section.Using Google Adwords, you're Paying for clicks not a sign up, but a click! Using this, you can run out of money very fast!

The "Organic" sites are actually selling advertising space, advertising business opportunities. Once you've found one on that site,you're not going to be able to advertise that business opportunity because somebody else has already got it,and they're not going to leave it,because they're making money from it.

So you are forced to go elsewhere to advertise,which is why nobody is successful, but the very few! Actually, it's just the webmasters of those sites that are the ones making money off of the ones buying their advertising." source:

One lesson I learnt from reading the free e-book "Success in 10 steps" by Michael Douly, is that Network Marketing is not all about making money selling products or services online, resorting to pulling the wool over people's eyes, by not paying them their dues,swindling or scamming them,leaving them broke,disheartened,bitter,and miserable.This approach tends to scare off potential affiliates.Because we are all about ourselves, if we resort to this kind of deceit,we deserve whatever befalls us. It is far better a thing to help another succeed and achieve their dreams. For this builds real trust and repeat purchase from you. My eyes opened to this amazing truth.So I "pass it forward", even though I have never met this person, and don't know him personally.

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Yours, The Ghost.





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May 23rd 2011 at 4:12 PM by TimRR
very good and also reading the sites info and what it does or gives you is something that alot of people do not do

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