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Dec 17th 2015 at 11:43 PM

The large frozen wasteland we call Acheron. It is an inhospitable land, and you will need RuneScape gold an agile and sturdy body just to keep alive in its perils. A land barraged by a constantly raging blizzard. Settlements in this unexplored tundra are few and far between, for who would risk staying in the place for Cheap Rs 3 Gold long?


For those of you who have done desert treasure, remember getting the ice diamond. Taking constant damage, and having your stats drained. This is the danger of Acheron. The difference is that Acheron will allow you to combat those effects rather than having you trudge through them.


This is done by staying warm. The cold is Acheron's greatest danger, and warmth is a key mechanic, that various skills will tie into. While out in Acheron, you can avoid damage for as long as you stay warm. Run out of warmth, and expect to take constant damage, stat drains, and reduce run energy, the effects of which will quickly prove fatal.


While warm, the cold will instead chip away at your warmth gauge. The battle of Acheron is staying warm, and there are various way to get warm, extend your gauge, and stave off the colds effects using your skills.


The landing point of Acheron would be a small Fremennik settlement. Just like desert heat, Acheron's cold will not harm you while you are in settlements. At this center of this settlement would be a large, roaring bonfire. Before setting out into the frozen wasteland, one of the things you will do to prepare yourself is warm up at the bonfire.


The effects of this bonfire are modified by various factors, such as type pf log, firemakng level, and the amount of players contributing to the fire. Greater effects can have a smalll variety of effects, such as filling your gauge more, or providing a buff that makes it drain less in the cold.


Outside of settlements, the harsh northern winds will quickly extinguish the smaller fires lit by adventurers. To light a fire out in the wasteland, you will need to find shelter from the bitter cold and piercing winds.rsgoldrichmall

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