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Success Coach, leader, networker, mentor, MLM author, networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996. Teaching and supporting others in how to succeed in the Network Marketing profession.

Professional Network Marketer living at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with husband and two sons.

Enjoy family, reading, self development, helping others achieve success in Network Marketing, passionate follower of Christ, and listening (ie: Bible, Dani Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mark Gorman, Laurie Beth Jones), bird watching, lake activities, health/wellness and fitness, Yoli The Better Body Company, walking, gardening. Gluten Free foodie.
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Network Marketing is BIG Business! Treat it like a 'real' business and it will pay you like one! Be prosperous in your business!
3 years ago

Who Are You Part 2 Blogging Tips

Aug 3rd 2010 at 2:07 PM

Part 2 Blog Marketing Tips For Generating More Followers Online-


Here’s a few ideas that may help you get started and I always say the best way to get started is just …dive in head first and GET STARTED!  The more you procrastinate the more you’re gonna be left behind. You’ll make mistakes along the way, so what?  Don’t we all?  That's how we learn and continue to grow!   People respect us when we’re human.  After all it’s hard to duplicate perfect right?   



Your blog is really gonna be pretty easier to start than you think and you can add as you go and it will evolve as you evolve in your career.   Not to worry, you don’t have to be a techie guru or graphic artist to creat a blog either!

Your blog will have templete themes available to download or if you’ve got the budget hire a designer to create one for you.  If not just upload a theme that suits your style and personality.  You can always hire a designer to create a branded logo for your blog later on.


Your blog will need to have your personal photo on it to brand who you are!  Oh really?   You mean no photos of my dog, cat, products or one of those silly avatars? Your followers want to know you are a real person.   You are real aren’t you?   They'll know when you're not and most likely won't follow you anywhere.   So get real!


Your blog is one of the best ways to develop a presence and create trust with your followers so another reason to be real and authentic


Your blog creates visibility for you which will help build your personal brand. People make a choice to read your blog. Very different than emails which are not read as much now days and that is IF they even get delivered properly.  Emails are boring compared to your blog and you don't want to be boring do you?


Your blog with it's valuable content will increase your followers and when you allow your followers to post comments this connects you with them even more.


Your blog can increase the traffic to your company's replicated website.


Your blog can highlight your products and affiliate links for additional income streams – (I put these in the Resource area of my blog) again your followers can choose to click or not to click, their choice.  This is a free country after all.


Did you know blogs are loved more by Google and other search engines?  It's nice to be loved isn't it?


If you haven't created your blog yet, there’s no time like the present so what are you waiting for?   Let’s find out who YOU are! 

Once you have created your blog you’ll be looking for content to share with your followers. Here are a couple of ideas to spark more interest -


Share your success story. If you’re not making a lot of profits yet share  enthusiasm for your own business, share stories of people in your success line and how much you've grown as a person because of the Network Marketing profession. 

Share what you do outside of Network Marketing.  Your interest, hobbies, your job or other profession and what attracted you to Network Marketing in the first place.  Remember those inquiring minds want to know you!


Offer your advice in whatever area of expertise you have and never be afraid to let people know you’ve made mistakes in the past and are here to help them avoid the same mistakes you’ve made. People love the truth.   No matter how it’s packaged the truth always sets us free doesn’t it?


Share tips, strategies, ideas on developing a business plan, goal setting, self development, mind set and other ideas to set up a real business right from the get go.


Sometimes the stories of other successful people like say Dani Johnson for instance can be inspirational reminders to us all that we can reach our goals through consistent efforts, perseverance and a never giving up attitude. My own success story is a perfect example.


Hope this inspires you to create some fantastic branding with your personal blog because blogging really can be a monumental way to bring in more followers to your website and ultimately create more leads for your home business.  The bottom line is to help you make more profits with your blog marketing!



To Your Online Success,



Who Is Sue Seward? 







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Dec 21st 2010 at 7:33 AM by RollingEagle
Hi Sue! I took the time to read this article and really enjoyed it. I have created 3 blogs, lost two and now have my own that I started at the beginning of December, slowly building my brand...:) Perhaps you will find a moment to stop by mine at: Leave a comment for me. I will search yours out to do the same. Happy Holidays!

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