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Where Do You Stand a Better Chance?

Sep 7th 2010 at 2:37 PM


When he asked "do you blog or have a Website and use twitter or facebook or social bookmarking sites for traffic" and I said "YES" - HE laughed in my face.... literally !!



Well??  Are You using this method?  maybe you are using Traffic Exchanges or Safelists.

Safelists themselves are a waste of time,  Facebook is useless for Online Marketing as well as all the SOCIAL SITES.  You are marketing to other marketers who are marketing their offers!  Traffic Exchanges are CUTE and time consuming, thats about it on them, Google ADWORDS cost you a PRETTY PENNY (and even with google, your missing 70% of Internet traffic) Banner Exchanges and ONLINE Banners get you traffic (and still missing 70% of potential customers)   And SEO......sure what???

Now before you think we are doing the same thing on IMfaceplate it is not the same!  Here we all know we are marketers and we know what to expect.  Here is where we share what we are doing and meet like minded individuals and even gain some new insights into what works for others.  I personally think here we are branding ourselves more than marketing.

The other thing I see a lot of in the traffic exchanges and safe lists is people using email accounts that they seldom ever check.  Oh, it is true.  I was advised to do just that when signing up for new accounts.  Really?  Why would I want people I am showing my 'stuff' to to just put it in an un-read acct.  And we wonder why it takes so long to get any one interested in our offers!

No, I am sure not all are the same.  I have a few that I think actually do work but time it does take.  And it is always a good idea to have more than one avenue.  How about if you could target only NEW People.  People who have not had the pleasure of being bombarded by Ads and False Hope and Super Hype on Steroids.  Would that be helpful?  I think so........One of the hardest thing for all marketers is getting people to SEE their offers or Join them in their opportunity.

Wouldn't you like to tap into this kind of traffic............ FRESH CUSTOMERS,  FRESH RESPONSIVE GOOD TRAFFIC!   It is totally possible with  THE TRAFFIC ADSERVER SOFTWARE.

One of the best things to come out in a long while and only a one time cost that is LOW is comparison to others I have seen.  You may have doubts........go and see the videos here........



Yes, you are right. There is a lot of so called software claiming to do the same sort of thing but they are NOT the same at all.  I have tried a few that just did not deliver and others that were for 'ariticle writing' and a lot more involved and even others that have a monthly cost.  What I really liked about this software was the fact that it is not being heavily advertised all over the place.  A good thing.........I think Yes!




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