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What Is a TE?

Apr 19th 2013 at 9:04 PM


In its simplest form a traffic exchange is a way of driving traffic to your website in
exchange for giving traffic to another user's website. Traffic exchanges are membership
sites. You join the site and opt-in to the sites list so that the owner can send you news
and updates on the program. In return you can find out more information about what
is going on with the site and may even find a few good deals. Websites are viewed inside
what is known as a surfbar. There are also other common ways that your site can get
traffic from a traffic exchange besides using the surfbar, they are text links, banner ads,
and sometimes email ads.

The surfbar typically is a frame around the websites that members want to advertise
that are placed in rotation. This frame generally has a timer, an area for statistics such
as credits earned, websites viewed, and links to content within the traffic exchange, such
as the main members area and an area where you can purchase more credits. There are
two types of surfbars, auto-surfing and manual-surfing.

Auto-surfing surfbars are just what they sound like, the surfbar advances automatically
at the end of each timer. I HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT use auto-surfing
traffic exchanges. The main reason is that with an auto-surfing exchange you can
collect credits to your website but there is no guarantee whatsoever that ANYONE will
even see your website that you are advertising let alone take action on it. Your goal isn't
just to get traffic to you website, but visitors to it also. A visitor is a living, breathing
human being that can actually see your website, not some program that trades
information with another computer and says that traffic occurred to your website.
Manual surfbars, on the other hand, require that a human take action to advance the
program to the next available website to be seen after the timer has elapsed. A typical
"surf session" may go like this.

The member logs into their account to begin surfing. They may check the sites they
currently have in rotation to see if any hits are available that need to be assigned to their

The member launches the surfbar from the surfing link on the traffic exchange.

The timer for the first site begins counting down from a pre-determined amount of time
as the website is viewed.

The timer reaches the end and then a selection of icons need to be clicked upon to
receive credit and advance to the next website.

A number of credits (or fraction of them) are given and the surfbar selects another
website available in rotation.

When the member is done surfing they can assign any credits they have available to
their websites in the members area.

A note about tabbed browsing

A powerful way to get more traffic that has recently come about in the past few years
with tabbed browsers is surfing multiple exchanges at one time. Tabbed browsing
allows you to surf several exchanges at one time in multiple tabs on the same making
this a very viable option to generate a lot of hits.

While this is a great option I would advise against surfing more than about 4 or 5
exchanges at once for the following reasons:

1. Surfing more than this with a 10 second timer the surfbar will probably be
waiting on you to come back to the exchange since the timer has already timed

2. Surfing multiple sites like this can slow your computer and processors down
depending upon how graphic intensive the sites are and your connection speed.

3. Remember, traffic exchanges work on a view for view basis. It is a cooperative
advertising medium. If you aren’t viewing other people’s sites what makes you
think they should pay you the courtesy of viewing yours.

I hope you got something out of that.

Best regards,

Mark McCulloch

Major League Hits


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