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Games and only games. Okay, maybe some art too. I can tolerate a great walk on the beach but it just so happens that I rarely get out of my house. :P
Radi Berry | radiberry

What do YOU know about farms?

Mar 8th 2015 at 12:45 PM


If you want to find out something interesting about farms you can visit the local library. Pick up a dusty old book that weighs about a ton, give or take. Open it and read out-of-date information that will bore you to death and beyond. Of course, because YOU are a young fellow who doesn’t go to the library or do such outrageous things as reading books, you and only YOU will open your laptop and type in your search engine the famous word “FARM”. Want to guess what happened now after you did that thing you did with your laptop? No, of course that you didn’t learn anything about actual real life farms and what people do with them. What you did is, you played a farm *game*, you young person! But what you didn’t know until know is that we expected you to do that! You know how we knew?  The answer is simple - that is what we did! The thing is, when you type the aforementioned word (yes, we know cool words too!), what you get in return from your search engine is a bunch of cool results that point you directly to farm games. And yes, we know these are all fun games, nice and pink on the outside with rainbows and blue fluffy clouds.

Beware! Cause there’s a big “but” coming. BUT they also do horrific things to your mental health, they addict you to a point at which you wake up in the middle of the night, startled and afraid, you look all worried and terrorized, sweat is dripping all over your face, you are clutching your teddy bear in the slightest hope that you didn’t scar the innocent lives of your sweet sweet chickens and sheep by forgetting to feed them before you went to bed yourself. And that is not all! As you wake up, go to the kitchen to have breakfast or in the bathroom to wash yourself, what you do is, you take your phone or ipad with you and you play. There is no putting a stop to these games, they will exhaust you with their brand new features always waiting to be unlocked, mysteries to be solved, you may even have to look for hidden objects like super-secret treasures with awesome new objects inside of them.  You have been seeking for them for what seems to be a little over a decade. You are in dire need of said objects.  Because as you already know, as you have been faced with similar conundrums before, without the special objects how will you be able to upgrade your silo? We ask of you, how?!


You see, in life there are a few important, truly special moments, and those are the ones you cherish the most and because of which you continue with your life journey, you want to get the *rush* or the unforgettable experience. In secret we are all crazy about those experiences because they make us feel more alive than ever and fill us with joy and positive emotions. The thing is though that there is no point in waiting around for said moments, they happen so rarely in life and some people don’t even get to enjoy them as much as others or they don’t get to have any. What we do have is virtual farming and while it may addict us and make us fear that we may be losing our minds at 3 o’clock in the morning as we milk our cow or pick the juicy red apples right from the tree, they also give our life a little purpose as to what the future may hold for us. Who knows? Maybe one day YOU will wake up as a rich farmer who knows what he is doing! And all that because you typed the word “farm” in your search engine all those years ago and refused to pick up a book!

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