Websites and Blogs and Social Media Advertising Strategies

Feb 13th 2011 at 3:45 PM


What is your whole technology activity – In other words , what things do you like to do to generate website traffic for your product? Lets take social media advertising as an example.

You need to have a social media website with a social media blog. This way you will be able to talk about your product to your tribe and influence more readership. One strategy in the past has been to link to other tribes blogs or other relevant blogs. This way you may be helping other social media websites to gain recognition and they may link to you. You will gain more influence because the links can increase far above where you thought they might go. These links that you gain  can increase inbound links to your site and your tribes.

An added advantage is that most sites allow linking to your other platforms and social media blogs. Go for it, link your Facebook and Twitter account to your blog site and link the blog to your RSS feed and then find more places to link  to . Search engines love those links. Especially if they are reciprocal. This is the simple version but I think you and the tribe get the idea.

Social Media Blogs are popping up everywhere and this leads to the assumption that more tribes and individuals are getting into the internet world. It turns out that there may be a learning curve to figuring out how to do all this stuff.

There are so many social media websites and social media blogs out there that handle social media advertising and all kinds of other stuff that it is usually better to stick with just one or two. Sit down and figure out the social media sites that are going to be the most useful for you and your tribe and stick with those . If you can handle 10 social media sites, that’s great, but no more that 5 is a  good thing too. Just remember to keep your sites updated and keep your  clients and prospects informed.

One thing that your blog should be doing is brand building. Start talking about whats so great about your product and give some visuals. You can customize pages so they fit within guidelines that you set.

I like to have the same logo on all of my invoices business cards and website. This way when a customer lands on your website they will know where they are. Do your own promotional stuff here.

Takeaways, giveaways and coupons will all keep your customers coming back to your site.

The first word in Social media Marketing is Social . Why would you not get to know your customers and their products and needs? Find out about their likes and dislikes and get their opinions . Allow discourse and posting to your blog . Make yourself significant and take part in the action to.

One tip here, don't try to sell using social media. It has a strong tendency to not work. Social media is not push marketing. We are trying to talk about our products in a conversational way. The word will get around and bring us clients. We are trying to be in the loop and to find new friends . Don't update every day because it may begin to look spammy to your recipients .

Here I've set down some expectations that you may have for your social media business. Well, this is the simple version . In other words, there's a lot more to it than this. So check out some articles on this subject and let me know if you have a comment or question. See you next time.




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Apr 16th 2011 at 4:35 PM by TimRR
good one
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Great Article! Thanks for sharing this!

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