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1 year ago

Viral Marketing - Getting The Most Clicks From Your Banner Ads!

Jan 18th 2012 at 11:26 PM

There is no doubt in my mind that banner ads is one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic to your website.

Your banner ad should not look like a banner ad. Take for instance, if you've got a banner ad and it has a whole lot of graphics and animations, for the most part it will not work if it appears as if it's part of the web page.

Say for example if you had your banner ad on a network, and all the other banners had graphics, animation and the whole bit. Your banner would stand out as different because the others had all the graphics and animations running on them. This is the truth, and a fact. Test it out and see for yourself, and you will come to the same conclusion.

A well designed banner will go along way for you, without all the glitzy, graphic stuff. It's just turns people off and they will look right pass your banner and your click through rate will not be good at all.

So I recommend that you find different banner ad networks and have a well designed banner ad, and run your ads in them.

Banner ads are a great source of free targeted traffic, and the reason I say that it's targeted traffic is that the people that are clicking on your banner is doing so because of the design and what they are reading. If what you are saying grabs their attention, and if it's like a magnet that is attracting them to it, they will click every time.

Here's the best place on the internet to place your banner ad, and YOU will get GUARANTEED Targeted Traffic.

Just remember what I said, and you will get the best results and more clicks from your banner ad campaign. This is what you want because it will increase targeted traffic straight to your website or business.

RECOMMENDED READING: Viral Marketing - Power Marketing. This is a four part series that I wrote explaining the power of marketing your business virally to leverage off the power of word of mouth advertising. This is what I do everyday, and I know this works because I am getting consistent targeted traffic daily.

This is what you want to happen, and the best thing about it, YOU don't have to pay any money if your advertising budget doesn't permit you to do so at the time.

So I highly recommend that you check out my series on Viral Marketing and learn the strategies and techniques I use to generate traffic and create a buzz about me and my brand. This is what it's all about when you're doing business online--BRANDING!!!

Now I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you all the success that you desire from your business.

Terri Pattio ~ Mentor with a servant's heart


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