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8 months ago

Unexpected MAJOR Difference for 2011 - The Kyron Effect

Jan 3rd 2011 at 5:22 PM


My name is David P. Smith.  You can call me Dave.  As you'll soon figure out, by reading below, I am not an article writer.  I believe that I only wrote two articles in the entirety of 2010.

But this is 2011 and I am Hell-bent on doing things differently.  So I plan on writing, at least, twice as many articles this year...

Starting now.


Unexpected MAJOR Difference for 2011 - The Kyron Effect

I mentioned to my mailing lists, just after Christmas, that I had started out as a service provider (website and graphic design, etc.) and that, in 2009, I had drifted into Internet Marketing.  I mentioned that things have got to change in 2011 and that I'd be taking my newly gained marketing knowledge with me back to providing services.

My new years resolutions?  Stop promoting so many affiliate programs and start promoting MY business, Grey Storm Media...  And stop GIVING more than I sell!  To get things rolling, I've replaced my Freedom/Technology photo with my business logo.  It's time for some serious rebranding!

I am not a social type of person, so I don't do a whole lot of social networking.  Don't get me wrong, I've got as many social accounts as the next marketer (if the next marketer has over 100).  I just rarely log in and USE them.

In the last few days, that has begun to change.  I'm becoming active on IM Faceplate and trying to get things rolling on the new JVME (I've been a member since it was the old JVME, but of course, rarely logged in).  As for Facebook, I log in to check on things, but Twitter and Ping.fm take care of the rest.

... My IM Faceplate is gaining a slow, but steady, trickle of new followers (I follow most back.  But, if you've got a scammy user name, don't expect it).

Now for that unexpected major difference...

I was surfing StartXchange a few days ago and one particular site REALLY caught my attention.  It did so, not only because it was so far off the usual topics you'll find on traffic exchanges, but due to WHAT it's topic was (I hope that makes sense).

The website was www.BringKyronHome.org and it's about a little dude named Kyron Horman who's been missing since June of 2010.  I replaced the marketing message that I was going to send to my lists with a message about Kyron.  Hopefully a few people passed that message on, but I can't know.

Kyron Horman has had a MAJOR impact on my new year's resolutions for 2011.  I mentioned giving less and selling more...  Now I plan to give more and sell more.  But I'm giving to different people.

Just as we must promote our websites to sell our products, so too must parents of missing children promote their websites to find their babies.

As experienced marketers, we have knowledge that these parents desperately need.  In 2011 I'll be giving them my knowledge and I hope you will join me and countless other web designers and online marketers who are already out there doing this.

Kyron Horman, here's to you little dude and to all the other children who can't find their way home.  You're definitely not alone, man.


www.BringKyronHome.org Kyron Horman's Facebook

Internet Marketers for Missing Children - Bring Kyron Horman Home

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