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TrafficG.com - The Review

Aug 16th 2011 at 8:06 AM

Do You Desperately Need Traffic to Your Websites, But Hate Manual Clicking ?

Then try Noclicksurf!!



Hi HJ here....

I 've been thinking...

As a member of  trafficG.com I have been surfing for free traffic credits, for a while now and amassed myself 8 referrals, which so far earns me approximately 1000 extra traffic credits from their efforts, per week or month (As of late, I haven't dug deep enough in this site to verify that). Not a lot by any standards, but not bad for a free system.

Well it's better than a kick in the teeth, yeah?

My secret....(aaaah....my secret!) to getting these referrals is to sign up and use

trafficG.com and sign up for trafficadbar.com and surf gaining free traffic points and extra bonus points for surfing 25 sites, climbing to the top of the list , becoming #1 of the day!The only peeve I have with this is, that you can get to #1, by surfing all day and night, only to end up getting toppled, kicked down to #789 the next day!

But as with anything if you endure, you will get referrals to your sites on trafficG.com



Why - because every 25 sites surfed, gets  you 200 -1000 extra bonus points, and then another 102 for clicking on one of another person's displayed website! How - (To get referrals) -  Often people actually stop and sign up for trafficG.com , if your link points to your "promotional page", that displays all of your website links!

Take a look at what mine looks like!


I like this combination, because as a newbie to Internet Marketing/MLM it helps me, if just a little...now that's a lot! So I suggest one takes this into consideration...trial my suggestion...and see if it works for you!

Here's another freebie....On the house!

You can also combine





and earn free credits on autopilot! I mean...get loads and loads of FREE traffic credits and traffic to your websites, articles, blogs etc, without having to spend endless hours manually clicking, and getting NO results for your effort! Check it out ! It's free,it's really great because you get 300+ links where you can add your sites! And there;s no need to login every time! Simply add the link to your browser, and it will go there automatically,and wa la!


Free credits get allocated to your account! You must go in there from time to time, to allocate pent up credits. But your account will attract hits, without your intervention...Behind the scenes,  generating visitors to your site!


Sometimes you can't get into your account, it seems to not want to let you in, but endure until you do... Use notepad to store all the info, change ".txt"  to "autosurflinks", click "save as", then create a newfolder in C:\ name it "biz" (date it, update the date now and again) storing all your links so you can simply "copy and paste" the link ( any 1 of the 300+!) and insert it into your browser URL!

To your success...because that matters most!


More free tips so you can succeed and make money online, coming soon....


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