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Traffic Exchange No-Nos

Jul 16th 2010 at 10:06 PM

Yes, I surf the exchanges -- lots of them, as a matter of fact.

Like most traffic exchange members, I do so for two reasons:

  1. To rack up credits that I can use to display my sites; and
  2. To find new programs that credibly promise me something I want or need (making me money directly is the biggest one of course, but also the assistive things like traffic generation, list building, multiple-program coordination, etc.).

I spend a lot of time (several hours a day) on a lot of exchanges (I have a basic portfolio of ten exchanges I surf daily; I'm always trying new ones and moving better ones into and older ones out of that portfolio), and over time I've developed two particular pet peeves:

  1. "Autoplay" media; and
  2. "Wait/Stop/Click Cancel" warnings.

I'm not sure that "pet peeves" is strong enough language to describe my loathing for these two things. Let me put it a different way:

When a site unloads a barrage of audio (often with video, which isn't as big a deal) at me without me asking for it, or when some a-hole interrupts my exchange surfing routine with those "Wait/Stop/Cancel" pleas, I immediately resolve that under no circumstances will I join that program or give its owner my email address. Period.

Yes, it bothers me that much.

I'm not a big name in Internet marketing. Most of you have probably never heard of me, even though I've worked on the Internet full time for a decade now, and part time since 1995.

But if you're an Internet marketer, it's very possible that I'm on your mailing list -- and if I'm not, you want me on it because sooner or later there's a good chance you'll make some money from me or through me.

I can't claim to speak for anyone else on this because I haven't asked anyone else about it, but my gut tells me that I do (and some of the comments on Sweeva seem to match my own attitude -- interesting "social browsing" service, and by all means feel free to join me there!).

I'm at the point of toying with the idea of setting up an organized effort to discourage these behaviors -- basically a "pledge alliance" of traffic exchange users who publicly promise not to patronize programs that engage in them.

So please, knock of the autoplay/surfus interruptus BS.

Best regards,

Tom Knapp

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Aug 1st 2010 at 4:56 AM by blackfolder1
Well said. I could'nt agree with you more!

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