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Traffic Dial My Review of A New Free Traffic Exchange!

Feb 29th 2012 at 9:12 AM

What's the most important thing You need to know about Traffic Dial?

The Traffic Dial model is based on having a large base of active users, who each "pitch in" just a little bit. And for this reason, they have built-in some pretty valuable incentives for you to remain an active user.

But don't worry - unlike other traffic exchanges you don't need to endlessly "surf" tons of sites every day which is one of my favorite reasons for joining. And the fact that it's free...

An average of 2-5 minutes a day is really all it takes.

By far, the most important thing to know is that, If you commit an average of just 2-5 minutes a day to using Traffic Dial, they promise you lots of high-quality traffic, helpful feedback, and increased conversions in return.

Why You should refer as many people as possible To Traffic Dial?

The more users you refer, the more traffic you'll get. You'll earn one credit each time anyone in your 3-tier referral network reviews a website, and that adds up fast.

But there's another "bigger" reason too ...

Most traffic exchanges generate low quality traffic because they are based on the flawed model of a small number of active users each viewing tons of sites every day.

These users are encouraged and incentives to visit as many sites as quickly as possible, and they're often rewarded for visiting the same sites over and over again.

Users of these traffic exchanges quickly become "blind" to the sites they visit - and many of them have don't even look at the sites they visit! (Note i have to admit that i am one them i get to a point in my surfing that I'm not even looking at every site, just want the credits) So that's why i love Traffic Dial their is none of that here.

Traffic Dial is the complete opposite. They only require users to visit an average of 1 site a day - and they actually limit the number of sites that can be viewed in a day.

There model relies on having a very large number of active users, so you can help yourself and the entire community by referring as many people as you can.

How exactly does the Traffic Dial 3-tier referral network work?

Some sites have referral programs that reward you for driving traffic, customers, or new sign-ups to the site. Traffic Dial has a referral program too, but rather than stop there they have extended it to a powerful "3-tier" referral program. Here's how it works ...

Each person you refer is called a personal or "Level 1" referral. This also includes free referrals that they give you.

Now, when THESE people refer new users to Traffic Dial, these new users will become your "Level 2" referrals.

Finally, the people your Level 2 referrals bring on board become your Level 3 referrals and it stops there.

Here's what your referral network would look like if you and everyone else had an average of just 10 referrals ...

In this example, there would be a total of 1,110 users in your network. If they each review at least 1 site a day ...and remember this only takes 2-5 minutes a day

... you'd be earning a minimum of 1,110 credits - or about 278 visitors - a day from your referral network.

Obviously your results will depend on the exact number of users in your network. You could earn less or MUCH more!

So here is the recap on getting started with Traffic Dial!

Traffic Dial is based on a simple credit system that works like this ...

To have your site reviewed by others you need credits.

The primary ways you earn them are by reviewing sites, and when people in your referral network do the same.

You earn 2 credits for each site you review, and you also earn 1 credit every time anyone in your entire 3-tier referral network reviews a site. This can add up fast!

On the flip side, you'll "pay" 1 credit for each visit to your site(s), and 4 credits for each review of your site.


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