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I love my home with my husband Jim and our kids... Maja, Badger and Chet. Our dogs, but yes, our kids. I love to play golf, fish, watch a good movie and read a good book every once-in-awhile.

I truly enjoy working my business... Text Ad Exchange Owner, I own 5... which keeps me busy. It`s also helped me to grow, make new friends and relationships.

Brenda Crofoot | bjfoot
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To Click -Or- Not To Click....

Oct 31st 2010 at 6:35 PM

Well, I guess I'd better explain the subject line.  Many, many
marketers belong to Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges and
Credit Based Safelists.  Each of these require member participation
of other member's ads by clicking credit links, which in turn provides
the member clicking with credits to advertise their product/s on that
particular site.  Advertising for free with credits rather than buying

The issue here has more than one aspect.  Members who choose to
participate are not an issue.  The folks that join and never pay
a bit of attention to another members ads is an issue. They purchase
everything.  Or, the person that has clicked mindlessly to have enough
credits to not have to click to view anything for quite some time. Admins
want responsive sites and ALL the members do as well, but what is fair
for the ALL the members.  Should there be a requirement for folks at all
levels to click other members ads?

My basic answer to this question is one of respecting and supporting
other members.  I am a member of TMTC(that's To Many To Count)sites
and my general rule of thumb is to click in each of these sites when
I am there.  It may not be hundreds of links, but if you click
4-20 or more links the support and responsiveness of a site increases
tremendously if the majority follow the same rule of thumb.  It's not
a requirement in many of the sites I am a member of, as I am an upgraded
member in many, but I beleieve that if I want my ads viewed, I owe a
return at the site for the members there.

In my sites I have the ability to require viewing by all members for their
Solo Ad submissions.  Currently, I am not using the requirement method...

My question to you...  Should I maintain a requirement of view X amount
of Solo Ads to submit a solo ad, be intermittent with a requirement or
have no requirment at all.

I would truly appreciate some input on this topic...

Best Regards!


Please to comment
Mar 26th 2011 at 6:30 PM by bjfoot
I have instituted a small requirement and it is growing in results. I may take it further with other advertising because my members deserve my efforts and hopefully more results.
Dec 27th 2010 at 1:30 PM by Demax
This is Interesting and thought provoking, and tastefully written. We all need to work together. Nice Job.
Nov 14th 2010 at 2:03 PM by gerardoantonio
okey ..thanks and let us try
Nov 13th 2010 at 5:59 PM by deewest
My vote is Requirement to click! I do not ask my members to do something I would not do myself! I click when I go into a site to advertise. It is just showing respect to my fellow marketers. I want them to click and view my Ads. I feel a small requirement is good policy for all sites. have a great weekend. Dee

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