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Tips On Using Solo Email & Text Ad Exchanges Combined With facebook and Twitter.

Jul 5th 2010 at 5:53 AM



Always make sure to try to use the same user ID and Password for all of the different Exchanges you join so you can keep things simple and make sure you set up a free Google Gmail account to receive your mail from all the Traffic Exchanges you join, It is very important that you do this before joining any Ad Exchanges and you'll need to set up filters to catch the mail from all the different Ad Exchanges.

When you receive these messages make sure to click the credit link in the email messages from the Exchanges that's how you get mailing credits to send out your Solo Ads, also you'll find that most Ad Exchanges also offer Super Solos, Text Link Ads, Hot links, Banner Ads, Button Banner Ads, and HTML Ads that you can use your ad credits on. A lot of the Ad Exchanges today only accept Gmail Email addresses.

Now you'll want to add facebook and Twitter to your marketing arsenal to get the word out about what you're doing or what you're promoting by setting up a free facebook and Twitter account If you don't have them already. Once you have your new FB and Twitter setup you'll want to set up a FB group and start searching for groups and people that are in your field of interest ad them as a friend and try to get to know them a little better, chat with them and find out If they are on Twitter so you can add them there as well.

Now when you start to receive mail from All the Ad Exchanges you've joined try to read through all the one's that interest you and while doing so look for the senders name, email address, phone No. and or Skype ID, this is a another great way to find good free leads on FB, and Twitter once you find this type of info in say a Solo ad run over to facebook and do a search for that person, add them to your list under something like network marketer or internet marketer and then go and try to find them on Twitter.

Never try to pitch your deal to these people up front wait a while and get to know a little about them like where there from, what they do, and how long they've been doing it. Always be nice never be pushy, and never spam it will kill your efforts every time.

As you began to make new Facebook friends and contacts you'll want to add them to your FB groups so they can learn more about you and what you do and now you can set up FB events to invite them to through your FB Groups.

With your Twitter account all set up you'll want to start adding new contacts right a way and Twitter is a great place to find marketers that you collect from your Solo ads when you are unable to find them on FB and If you do find them on FB but they have no info about themselves in there profile then check them out on Twitter, if there an internet marketer, more than likely they will have a complete Twitter profile, but there's other was of getting that info If you need help with that just look me know, and make sure to always invite your new Twitter followers to your FB Groups

When sending out your Tweets on Twitter witch is a 140 characters message you send out that can be seen all over the world, always make sure to give your followers something of value to read and don't over post or spam with links to what ever deal you're pitching.

You'll want to post at least 5-6 Tweets at a time before sending out Tweets with links to what ever you're marketing.

I use FB, and Twitter Tactics above on a daily bases and  post to a lot of the different Ad Exchanges I'm a member  to find new prospects!

Thanks for reading.

Anthony Palmer Marketing
Greenwood, SC
Skype: A-Palmer

Twitter - AnthonyBPalmer

Facebook - AnthonyBPalmer

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