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The King Of ALL Giveaways: Recommended Free Tools 01

May 10th 2011 at 8:05 PM

Don't really want to read long endless text? Here's a Solution! If you're using Mozilla Firefox 4.0, then go to add-ons and download and install FoxVox - and it will read all text even on the web for you so you don't have to - EVER!

Skip the hardest part and go right to the sale!

Do you know what the most difficult part of selling online is?

Even if you have a great sales letter, a gigantic list, a killer marketing strategy and a bunch of helpful affiliates,your product can still tank.
That's because selling online comes down to customers making
one particular action: opening up their wallets to get out
their credit cards.

Just think about how many hundreds of pages you visit every day,
not even considering making a purchase. The act of taking out
your wallet can make you rethink whether or not you should buy
But now, there's a way to get customers to skip that painful step
that stands between you and profits. Check it out here:

==> http://www.ThankYouAds.com/35139

ThankYouAds is a free ad exchange that is strategically placed on the
thank you pages of thousands of sites across the web.
Thank you pages, if you're not aware, are the pages that come up
after a customer has bought something to thank them for their

This means that the hard work is already done - the credit card
is out, and the customers are in a buying mood. And with ThankYouAds,
they are given a number of other complimentary products that they
can buy immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to:

==> http://www.ThankYouAds.com/35139

right now and try out ThankYouAds for free today!

To your success,
The King.

Rethink your marketing strategy!

Hi; It's The King here again.
How much money are you spending every month on banners,
popups, flashing ads and gimmicks every month? Are you

spending hundreds of dollars? Thousands? And how well
is it working, anyway?

What if you could find a new system that targets customers who are interested in your type of product and who are willing to pay for it?

What if you could grab the attention of potential buyers
at the moment that they are most likely to make a purchase?

What if you could do all of this for free?

Well, now you can! Just click the link below:
==> http://www.ThankYouAds.com/35139

ThankYouAds is a revolutionary ad exchange that posts your ads at the best time to attract paying customers - when they've just finished making a purchase.

Your ad will appear on the thank you page of one of our thousands of affiliated websites, bringing you new traffic
and new buyers from all over the web.

It's completely free to try, so sign up now at
==> http://www.ThankYouAds.com/35139 - you'll be glad you did.

To your success,
The King. Ah-ha-ah-huh!


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