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The Doors Are Open - Where Are The Customers at the Ultimate Flea Market?

Oct 19th 2010 at 4:22 PM

by Raymond Delworth Ray Delworth and wife Rachel at timehsare in San Carlos

Webmaster for: The Ultimate Flea Market Wii Personalize It Wii Love Fun

I did the same thing with these online stores (websites) (figuratively) that I did when I opened my mail/parcel retail store in Modesto, California.  I found the perfect location in a busy shopping center (strip mall), I got a big attractive neon sign over our door, decorated the windows and walls, purchased the necessary equipment, furniture, and supplies.  Bought and displayed my inventory. Advertised with direct mail letters, advertising in the Penny Shopper and the local newspaper, went around to the neighboring businesses and gave them coupons.

I figured that I'd be raking in the customers and therefore making a good living at the business(es).  I didn't right away and this is why .....

Each business model (brick and mortar, internet online) requires a consistent flow of targeted visitors to your business.  These visitors are your leads and any business, whether on or offline, needs a regular supply of leads. They are effectively the people in your market that have a problem that can be solved by the goods or services that you are selling. Without a regular supply of  them, you will fail to make sales. In my view, the inability to generate affordable, targeted and consistent traffic is the number one reason that most businesses fail to make money.

I tried Paid Traffic methods for my websites - Google Adwords, the Google Content Network, Banner Ads, Ezine Advertising, Media Buys and Pay per View. I got some business as a result, but not enough to pay for the time and money invested.  In fact, if you are looking to make a large (6-7 figure) online income, you would be very wise to learn about them.  But for the small guy like me with almost no capital left to invest, it's just Too Expensive!!

I tried to use other peoples' traffic (borrowed traffic method) by buying lists and databases of customers, but this too was expensive and took a lot of time.  I was able, however, to add to my customer list by this method as well.

I've used redirected traffic by writing articles and blogs, and creating video clips related to my products and services and having that content published on other sites.  I've done this on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Yuwie, Sokule, IM Faceplate, PeopleString, and Blogger, as well as on my own website - The Ultimate Flea Market.  Thus far this strategy has been working the best to get me traffic (visitors) and thus sales revenue.  It has also been far less expensive, however, it is time consuming.

The method I've puttered around aimlessly with that I'm told by more than one source is going to deliver me the most visitors and thus sales is the Organic Search Engine Traffic.  It requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and I am ready to embark on this strategy in a slow, deliberate, structured way.  I've chosen to follow the advise of Gregory Hyne. Mr. Hyne as a program he calls Instant Traffic Mastery.  His pitch is:  “How to Rank on Page One of Google in 48 Hours or Less!” and he guarantees the $10 investment  with a 30-day guarantee.  So I am going to follow his instructions to a "T" and keep you posted over the next 30 days as to my progress.

I'm going to start with the key word phrases "flea market", "personalized children's books", and "popular toys".

Wish me the best and I will keep all of my followers posted on the results ...


Ray Delworth


Keeping You Posted:

Day one I spent at KeywordSpy (great tool for firefox) plugging in various key words I had been using to drive traffic to my sites.  Some of them I had even paid google and yahoo for.  What I found was a list of the best 1 - 4 word phrases that represent what I sell and have a CPC (cost per click) of less than $1 and have a daily volume of clicks of more than 1,000. I also made sure I did not have key words that had more than 50,000 competing sites, and that did not have any "authority" sites in the top 10 results.

Day two I spent going to each of my website pages and making sure that my <title>, <description>, and <keywords> meta tags contained these key word phrases (without duplication among the three).  I also had a bit of time to resubmit my url to a couple of the free website submission sites.  My Google page Rank is non-existant and my Alex Rank is 34,890.

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