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Safelisting for beginners

May 5th 2011 at 3:46 PM

The first aim of every new network marketer is to gain a list of subscribers, to whom they can 'pitch' their online business toward, in order to gain a large enough team of people, to build a steady and reliable income. But the process of gaining a large enough list of subscribers requires a good deal of marketing experience, time and energy. Safelisting sites provide a 'ready built' list of subscribers, to whom the new marketer can advertise their online business, quickly and safely (by safely I refer to advertising without fear of spam complaints). A safelist site is a membership site. It is built up of people who join with the intention of advertising to others. A condition of membership, is that on joining you agree to receiving e-mail adverts from other members, in exchange for mailing 'credits' that you spend against sending out your own ads to the other site members.

With this in mind, it means that you will be receiving a substantial quantity of e-mails on a daily basis, it is therefore a good idea to set up a separate account from your 'regular' e-mail account, in order to receive these, if you don't then you could have problems locating your usual mail, say from friends/relatives etc. Most safelisting sites require that you have 2 e-mail accounts, which they call a 'contact' and a 'list' account, the reason for this is so the site can send admin messages to the 'contact' e-mail account, and the membership e-mail ads to the 'list' account. One other point to note here, is that they also prefer you to have an account with google's 'gmail', the reason is simply because google does not block such advertising mailings as tenaciously as other e-mail providers, such as yahoo etc. So before joining a safelisting site, simply go to 'gmail' and create a new e-mail account, when asked for your chosen mail address it is simplest to set it up like this: '' for your contact account and '' for your list account. This will make it easy for you to recognize your two accounts quickly.

With your accounts set up and ready to receive mail, you join your first safelist site! Enter all the details required, and the above addresses within the 'contact' and 'list' boxes respectively. Once you hit the 'sign up' or 'join' button, you will receive an e-mail from the site into each of your contact and list mail accounts, you will need to open each of these messages, and click on the verification link in each, this acts as what is called a 'double opt-in' and certifies to the membership site that you agree to receive the e-mail adverts. This is important as it adheres to the strict spam compliance. Without this verification the site will terminate the membership after a 24hour period.

Nearly every site will award you a certain amount of credits straight away, this is to enable you to immediately send out an advert to a restricted amount of members from the site. Naturally each site varies in style, and rules, and it is best to take some time to read all the options within the site itself, in order to understand fully, what advertising options are available to you. This is intended as an overview only, not a detailed guide to any particular site. However you will usually find a button or tab, along the left hand side of the page (once you have successfully logged into the site using the details you entered to set the account up), that says something like 'credit mailer', 'membership mailer' or 'system mailer' - clicking this should then take you to the page on which you can set up your e-mail advert. This will consist of a 'subject' line, which will appear in the receiver's' inbox, and a large box into which you can either write or paste in the main 'body' of your advert. Most sites will also have a separate box into which you need to insert the site url, that you wish your viewer to be taken to.

The benefits of safelist advertising are that you will not get any 'spam' complaints from members who receive your mail, and that you can usually send up to quite a large number of members very quickly (although this really does vary a lot from site to site, and according to the membership level you choose, free members get less benefits than upgraded 'paid' members). There are a lot of other variations to the advertising, and to get the best from each site, you need to fully read and understand the individual site(s) that you join. As a guide to how effective this can be, I personally send an advert out to as many as 100,000 members weekly, for free!

The power of this advertising alone, is extremely effective, especially if utilised regularly over time.

Sean Ladyman

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