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Internet marketing, free wordpress website set up, article marketing, plr article writing, traffic exchange techniques, safelist marketing, autoreponder marketing...

And when I'm not doing that... English & related literature (reading it & writing about it)...

Japanese mahjong (playing it and selling Japanese mahjong sets online)...
David Hurley | DavidHurley

Safelist Marketing: New Viral Mailers Are Keen To Reward You!

Nov 3rd 2013 at 3:30 AM

If you are struggling to set up an online business on a tight budget, then a good place to start generating traffic is safelist marketing.

Safeslists are easy to use and today's new generation of safelist software platforms are designed to reward users for activity, so even free members can build up a lot of mailing credits.

One recent software is called "LFMVM" and it is used by a lot of newer safeslits on the market today, including Puffin Mailer,SocialViralMailer, Soaring Mailer,  and GoldenChestMailer.

"LFMVM" stands for "Log-in Frequency Marketing Viral Mailer," and it is designed to help safelist owners keep their membership active and engaged through a wide range of rewards and incentives which the owners can select from.

As an administrator on GoldenChestMailer I have first-hand experience of how easy it is to adjust the settings, and turn on and off various incentives and rewards to keep things fresh and exciting for our members.

Other rewards such as the weekly Jackpot prize, special promotional bonus credit codes, and so on all add value for members and encourage them to return to the site again and again.

A safelist with an active membership will offer more value to marketers as more people will open your emails and scan them, even if it is only to find the credit link. With a bold, powerful message, you can still "pre-sell" your offer and achieve a reasonable clickthrough and opt-in rate if your landing page is effectively designed.

In an increasingly competitive market, safelist onwers are increasingly willing to offer free credits, banner and text ad impressions, and even cash payments to encourage marketers to sign up with their service.

GoldenChestMailer not only offers new members a generous starter credit package, it also pays out cash and credits to the most active members each week, and every so often also offers a bonus cash sign up gift...

In fact, if you act quickly,  GoldenChestMailer is offering a generous sign up package and a one-off special gift package right now...

Check out my latest blog post to see what's on offer in terms of free credits at GoldenChestMailer: I think you will be SURPRISED at HOW MANY free credits you can pick up.

Don't miss the additional rewards that I give away to my own GoldenChestMailer referrals in addition to Rina's rewards...  ;)

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