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Redefine CPC From Cost Per Click to Clicks Per Cent!

Oct 21st 2015 at 4:08 AM

The campaign that I will used for this article is in the health and wellness niche, which is extremely competitive and paid advertising is saturated with promotions in this niche, however I have still been able to manage the campaign to the point where my CPC is averaging 1.6 to 1.8 cents per click. With a less competitive niche and the proper management of the campaign I believe its possible to redefine your CPC from Cost Per Click to Clicks Per Cent, wouldn't that be nice.

I want this to be applicable to all levels of marketers so lets define a few things before jumping in. CPM (cost per thousand impressions), keep in mind with display ads you bid and pay for impressions, not clicks, however you can still measure your campaign by calculating CPC (cost per click) so that its comparable to other advertising methods.

Calculating your CPC is fairly simple, just divide the amount spent by the number of clicks. So if you spend $10 and have 100 clicks, 10.00/100= .10 or 10 cents per click. Bidding on CPM is similar to bidding on PPC (pay per click) your just bidding on impressions rather than clicks and tends to be less competitive. 7Search minimum is 50 cents per CPM and I seldom bid any more than that although you may want to depending on the competition in you niche.

Placing your ads is easy, 7Search offers 17 different add sizes and you just choose the file off your computer and then add your destination URL. The sizes have to fit exactly and the files have size limitations so you may need to re-size you ads to fit and compress to meet file size restrictions. I re-size with Microsoft Paint and use Office to compress the files so you don't need expensive imaging software to achieve this. Once you've added your creatives and chosen your keywords and categories your off and running.

So lets get to it, I'm going to walk you through the process that I use, doesn't mean you have to follow this exactly but its whats works for me. As you get used to using the reports to make changes and fine tune your campaign I'm sure you'll develop a process that works best for you. Once your campaign is up and running let it run for a few days so you have good data, as I said before don't be in a big hurry. Also as you start making change pay attention to your date range on your reports, don't leave your date range to broad or they will include stats from changes you've already made.

Keywords/ Channels report

This report will show you your Keywords and Channels as well as impressions, clicks, your CTR (click through rate) and amount spent. The amount spent and the clicks I don't pay too much attention to so your impressions and CTR is what you'll use to adjust your Keywords and Channels. What I look for are those Keywords/Channels that have high impression rates and look at the CTR's associated with those Keywords/Channels. If I have a Keyword that has a high impression rate with a CTR that is above 1% I'll leave those in the beginning. All though 1% isn't what I'm wanting to see those rates may improve as you remove lower performing Keywords. If the CTR is below 1% I'll drop those Keywords off but only those that have a higher impression rate.

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