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Ramp up Your Website Usability with a Usability Testing Company

Jul 10th 2014 at 4:53 AM

There are many things that an experienced usability testing company and service provider can do better than your in-house approach. When trying to discover your site, program, or product's usability, investing in usability testing services will prove worth it as professionals lend you their expertise in understanding exactly what users want and need. Choose a company that offers highly professional usability research services and has the capability to recruit users and participants that match the exact target profile you need. With in-house strategies, you often have to rely solely on quantitative methods, but a usability testing company will help you formulate actionable plans by making recommendations based on qualitative approaches to address critical pain points in your website's or program's user experience.

Usability testing is best done when a product is in the middle of development or conceptualization. However, existing sites and programs can also benefit well from usability research, allowing site owners to see where users are tripping when it comes to navigating or accomplishing tasks in their website. While usability testing during conceptualization and development stage helps ensure that a program will reach its full potential even before production, testing mature products for usability helps website owners understand it from the eyes of the user.

Usability testing can be designed to measure task completion and other important quantitative aspects, while also uncovering different barriers to good user experience. With a usability testing service, you can have more in-depth lab sessions and more detailed data analysis so the entire approach may lead to actionable design improvements. Oher benefits you can get when using a usability testing company are as follows:

  1. You get to discuss your business goals and known areas of concern so professional researchers can find the best approach to test your site or application for usability in the perspective of the right audience.
  2. Participant recruitment is a lot easier as companies have an entire network of users to fit different kinds of audience profiles. A usability testing company knows that each project is unique and can tailor strategies to bring the best value out of the study, depending on each project's goals.
  3. Experiment designs are based on shared understanding about key scenarios and your specific business. Custom experiments are designed to guarantee the best feedback from the right target.
  4. Reports are focused and offer meaningful insights about user experience, leading to the best recommendations for the improvement of the original concept
  5. Follow through is also possible for continued development of products.

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The article has been written by Ben Bishop, the Marketing Manager at Usability Sciences. Usability Sciences offers various Usability Testing services like – Website Usability Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Website Design, Testing, Remote Usability Testing, and Rapid Iterative Testing. They also offer Eye tracking, Web Usability, Card Sorting and Intercept Survey services to improve your web experience. Besides these they also take a keen interest in various online research and competitive usability research study and analysis.

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