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Organic SEO BEFORE Link Building For Higher Google Search Engine Results

Aug 3rd 2010 at 9:12 PM

    I just can't even stress it enough... You really should have all your Meta Tags in place BEFORE link building. Why? Well, most link building strategies include some form of SEO 'keyword' implementation right? You might as well have your content/keyword rich website or blog already set up to be recognized for the 'keywords' you have chosen to target through commenting and backlinking.

    My blog for instance has undergone some major design changes and with that, SEO changes in my Meta Tags were also made. It has only been about 2 months since I really started to pay more attention to my blog and try to get it ranked higher on Google.  With natural Search Engine Optimization and a small amount of link building, I hold #2 on Google SERP's for most of my keywords... And I am by no means an 'expert' in html or SEO; novice at most.

    Tonight I decided to run my keywords through Google search (which I haven't done in weeks) and have found out that the small changes I have made have taken me from page 35 straight to the first page. Why pay for an SEO company to do something so simple when a 'beginner' can achieve nearly the same results? Unless you really don't like being involved in all aspects of your website.

    Most people see SEO as this uber-complicated "magic" that only the pros can pull off. So not true... All i can really suggest is

  1.  Set up your Meta Tags (ask me nicely to help and I will)
  2.  Post your content/keyword rich articles based on your meta tags
  3.  Submit your website to the search engines
  4.  Start your commenting/backlinking campaign
  5.  Start your Web 2.0 (Social Networking) campaign
  6.  Continue to post at least twice a week (I have posted less than that and have ranked well)
  7.  Start enjoying free Organic traffic from Google ; )

    This can all be achieved in a fairly short time and it is completely natural... something Google's May Day algorithm loves to see.

    Avoid being Google 'Slapped' for submitting to 350,000+ search engines. Google favors loyalty. After all, Google is responsible for 60% of ALL internet search results so why get "over-indexed"? It will only hurt you in the long-run. Stick to the top 5 search engines and your results will will be better plain and simple.


To your SUCCESS,

Jim Cintron



P.S.  Feel free to ask me any questions or make additional suggestion, I'm here to help others any way I can and always love a 'critic' here and there.

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Aug 12th 2012 at 5:01 PM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Awesome information and your post is dead on. I can see you know what you are doing. Keep up the great work and getting that free Google traffic. Have a great day and continued success for you. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
May 5th 2011 at 5:06 PM by jcintron
One of the blogs in mention is the one listed above by my signature. When I wrote this article, I was posting regularly (minimum 2-3 posts per week) which is essential to staying at the top of the search results. Lately I treat this particular blog as supplemental. During the time of my regular posting, I had it indexed on google on the first page of the search results for some MAJORLY competitive keywords... and not only being on the first page, but rather taking up half the page for keywords such as "monetize blog, monetize website, promote blog, promote website, and more. From the building of that blog to inclusion on google and getting organic traffic was less than 3 days. Hopefully I have answered your question, if not let me know what you are still wondering about. ~J~
May 5th 2011 at 3:18 PM by rishiforyou
Hi Jim, a lot of people talk about doing this or that for success with SEO efforts. Your tips are also welcome. Can you specify the name of any of your self-hosted blogs so that we all may check out what the end result of applying these SEO tips is?
Dec 1st 2010 at 7:32 PM by AbdeelMarketing
Excellent article. I totally agree. I'm a big fan of keeping your wallet in your pocket whenever possible. I'm ranked #1 and 2 for "Don't Hate Mondays", and that was my first affiliate campaign almost a year ago. Just goes to show that even a total newbie can do it with the right training. Thanks!
Oct 12th 2010 at 5:22 PM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Hi Jim I was discussing this in my group today. You are so right, why pay for it when you could take the time and learn and get the same results, even better because you know more about who you want to target. Link building plays a part in all of this, and it is very easy to do. I use the social bookmarking sites for back links and it really works for getting you ranked and indexed by the search engines. But as it stands, Google really is, top dog and therefore they kind of set the standards. Some might not think so. I am no. 1 and 2 on Google for "FREE skills and training in MLM."
Oct 12th 2010 at 4:32 PM by bjfoot
Hi! Jim... Great article and I might be asking nicely. Impressive!

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