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My interests are helping people increase their savings and showing them how to use different types of saving plans to build their net worth. I love technology and I have been learning about a gadget that interprets hand signals so that you can communicate with the hearing impaired. I love basketball,
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Never Pay For Ads Again

Nov 28th 2010 at 8:57 AM

Like everyone else that promote online it is a never ending battle looking for advertising that works and does not drain your bank account before you start seeing results.

It is take a lot of time to get a ad that is getting the results that are needed so that you can be assured that you are going to have one that will allow you to start seeing sales and leads being produced.

When I first started I would look at my advertising budget and every month I was spending more than I was making so I knew I had to find away to stop my ads from costing me dollars that I did not have at the time to keep investing and not getting any return for my efforts.

If you cut back on advertising it like a sail boat with out any wind and you are just dead in the water until you can catch a new breezy to flow with.

No when you are getting the results that you want from your advertising is not the time to stop advertising but to find solution that make advertising a part of the business that will give you a source of income even when no one buys what you have to offer in your ads.

See what I found out is that the ad companies online give away lot of free advertising and you can join with them and have a never ending of credit so that you never have to think about how or where to advertise so you can concentrate on how to produce winning ads.

When you do not have to hope that this ads is a winner or loser it free your mind to produce great ad because when they do take your offer but agree to use the codes that you are more than willing to share with them every time you post a ad you either get a new sign up make a sale or get much needed assistance to increase your credits so that you never run out of credit to advertise your offers with.

Regardless of the program that you are promoting there is always one constance you have to advertise it to let others know about it or the best program ever release is just like that sail boat with no wind in it sail. Dead in the water.








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Dec 15th 2010 at 4:13 AM by myprofitrocket
You are absolutely correct about the best program being dead in the water if nobody id advertising it! My favorite way to advertise is safelists, and there are plenty of them that give credits for free. A word of caution, though...many times we forget about the cost of "time" we spend surfing and reading emails...Great article! Thanks!
Dec 10th 2010 at 7:04 PM by 4SFI
I like it. Thanks for the information.
Dec 4th 2010 at 10:16 PM by bjfoot
Great article... Great Advice! I am a text ad exchange owner and offer alot of free advertising for new members. You are very right about paying out more than your making, but need advertising... Remember, FREE works! Take advantage of what sites offer and see what happens. I try new sites out on a regular basis and get some very good results and I'm a free member. I don't upgrade in everything I join. And, I advertise everyday! So, I can't afford to pay for all the advertising I do, but my sites continue to grow and I'm sure it's do to alot of the free advertising I take advantage of.

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