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May 15th 2011 at 12:15 AM

User Names

I like to keep my life simple and straight forward so having to grapple with forgotten user names gets me a bit agitated. Unlike what every security minded person recommends, I never change my password. My mind just doesn’t go there. Keep it simple is my motto. The KISS analogy. Just the thought of having to hunt around to find forgotten passwords is enough to banish that idea immediately.


Now to user names. That’s another story which is the cause of a lot of my frustration online. I can understand that my name is so popular it’s already being used. I also imagine all the other Jeanie’s that come along after someone claimed that name, feel the same as I do.


It all goes along like this: I find a site I want to use, and then go through the registration process.

User name; Jeanie. No that word has been taken. Bummer.

Jeanieanne; No that word has been taken. Double bummer. Sigh.

What now? I then try out all the usual variations I have used previously. Finally after many attempts the program agrees to let me use a particular name, which often has no relevance to me personally. By the time I have gotten to this stage I’m nearly ready to forget it and move on.

“I don’t really want to use this site do I?”

Then when I want to revisit this site it’s

“What’s that user name I used? Where did I store it?”

 No, don’t need all this, way too time consuming.


Now if this same program sends me confirmation of my user name plus password (that I never forget anyway) all is OK in my world. Some sites are even so kind they let me register using my email address. Never forget that. Maybe that’s why Facebook is so successful. They never have to worry about people forgetting their user names. Just sign in using your email address or even better stay signed in.


Sites that really drive me nuts are those that if you miss some minor detail they want on their registration forms, but you think is totally irrelevant, press register and it all comes back minus all the details you’ve already filled in. Now that can be a hair pulling event. There have been times I’ve said “enough” and moved on to something that’s less of a hassle.


OK so I can’t remember my user name. Why don’t all sites have an option to ask for this? A password can easily be retrieved and some sites offer a new one (like that’s what I want….naaa) but oh no, not a user name.


So please, a note to those people who put these sites up. Make it simple. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these issues. Please remember that a lot more older folk now use the internet. It’s been a challenge for them to learn to use the computer, please don’t make it harder for them or me.


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