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My personal Top 5 in 2010 (ptc)

Dec 1st 2010 at 10:10 AM

Hello fellow Internet Marketers,

it was a long and interesting 2010, wasn't it ? All this drama about mobile and web 2.0 and in the end i have still no idea what all these people talking about. I made and make my money, still, stable .. ever since i started this, with entire other things then selling or promoting 3rd party products. Let me introduce you to my World. Lets call it *Moneytown* since money lays literally on the streets, i am the Guy that show you ;

where , when and why you can pick this Money up.

And like any other Business will this work as well,very much faster, if you find some helping hands. Since you maybe never ever made a Dime Online this might be you (helping hand)

The huge advantage we have is, that joining those moneymakers is 100% free of charge or obligations. In other words : No (Zero/NULL/nada/0) Investments to make, 100% pure profits are the logical result !

Its simple math , if you didn't invested a thing (well, maybe some time and commitment) you can't lose anything.

Neobux, generated , hands down, almost 700 $ in a Single year .. almost 100% pure profits. Yea, -almost- because i spend 90 $ on a Golden Membership ! But still, 600$ more then in last years final finance statement !

What you get as a member:

  • Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
  • Earn up to $0.01 (1 cent) for every ad your referrals click.
  • Instant Payment / Receiving System. (paypal, alertpay , netteller etc)

That are pretty much the standards for PTC Sites.

Pay per Click is still a huge opportunity for everyone that wont spend any money.

If you made some money, and ask yourself what to do with it, i hardly recommend Forex trading. eToro , made it so affordable and simple to use, that they won the Reward for

-the most innovative Trading Platform 2010- read more



These 2 Sites alone are half the rent. The rest will be only BONUS INCOME.

So , here we go .. my personal Top 5 for 2010 ( i exclude Neobux and eToro because i believe i don't find anybody in 2010 anymore that is like me a opportunity seeker , but if you just begin , this two websites are MUST HAVES - in my opinion )


1.) OnBUx

The big surprise 2010. Nobody expected them to survive but here we are. Winter 2010 and OnBux is still on Top of the Game, head on head with Neobux for the Throne of the PTC-Industry.

If Neobux would be no more, OnBux would be excluded of this list. If you have 2 Minutes a Day to spend, you must sign up with OnBux. Its a registered company, on a https:// domain, Instant Payments via the payment processor of your choice.

2.) BuxP

One of the most misunderstood services in the Internet. I call it the *P0w3Rh0uSe*

This Website delivers REAL UNIQUE Visitors to your Websites, and/or Reflinks in almost unreal speed. 10.000 Views are used in less then 24 hours.  A whole bunch of different AdPacks makes BuxP to one of my Top 5.

Sorry Guys. the fact that you earn for clicking other peoples ads is for me on this site only the cherry on the top. To be honest , i invested more then i actually made by clicking Advertisements, but lot of my fellow BuxPlers announcing huge Payouts, thanks to their amazing downlines. I would be more then happy if you accept my invitation and become my direct referral, but hey .. no bad feelings,if you don't or if you already with BuxP , let me know about your experiences in the comment section below. Always good to know what other peoples experiences are like.

3.) You-Cubez

Englands finest adress for advertisers and publishers. Easy and fun to use their service. Basically , same story line like the 2 Sites above. Long Time in Business, reliable , trusted and they deliver what they pronounce. All this + this amazing Cube System , makes You-Cubes to my personal #3 in 2010. I get huge traffic + sweet cashouts for clicking other peoples advertisements. by the way, some of the most amazing websites are popping up on You-Cubez before the mainstream even smell it .

And more to come; The most successful You-Cuberz , buying and reselling Cubes ;-)

Beware of the difference between Cube Dollars and REAL CASH. Cube Dollars are there, to increase your Cube Values (ranking aka. traffic) , not to cashout !

You earn these Dollars for clicking standard Ads (Cubes) or play Games , and fight for the highscore leaderboards positions for the Bonus. You-Cubes is also the only PTC i know about , that offer earnings for more then 1 Tier !

You-Cubes is so much more then only a boring PAY PER CLICK, its the whole Package. Oh , and did i mention the affordable upgrade prices ? No ? Well, you pay like 5 Dollar for Premium Membership, and if you extend it (and trust me you will) they offer a 25% reduction !!!  And Single Month Memberships are kinda expensive compares to 1 year packages , but go and check for yourself. If you be already proud owner of a Cube, lemme know ... i will click it from time to time ;-)


Internet marketing with a cube

4.) ClIcksia

No Doubt on of the big Guys in town.

Unique script, and quick delivered traffic make Clicksia to one of my Top 5. I need to be honest, right !? Well, i never actually paid out, simply because i reinvest my money in advertisement for stuff that makes me even more money. Feel free to make some research , you'll see .. they pay !

Anyway, don't take my word for granted ... make some Google Search and figure it out by yourself. If you are a Good guy, you'll come back and become my Referral and use these information to your advantage.

I understand referring anyways more like a sign of appreciation , if you don't like my first recommendations , you'll never try an other one. And this simple Idea, made me the most successful German Video Tutorial Dude on YouTube (iserverz)

Back to Topic :P

Clicksia, belongs into everyones bookmarks .. if you be already with them , please leave a comment and let the world know what you think about this Website. It might support or destroy my article ,but im pretty confident that there is nothing bad to report about Clicksia.

There is much more going on then only pay per click  Pay per Signup, Traffic Exchange and many more. Discover Clicksia



5.) ClixSense

The Guys from ClixSense deserve their spot on this list. To be honest, i rather ad a new , uncommon site, simply to increase the amount of refs ... but it would be unfair !

ClixSense , everybody must know this Website by now. And the true magic happens when you begin using these websites for what they made .. Advertising ! ClixSense delivers more then i ever imagined for less then every other Website.

If you do not plan on investing money , then ClixSense might be the wrong adress. You can use it, and make some money for free .. like all the others, but before you don't upgrade your account, and / or uses the Advertisement Offers, this site will become boring for you very quick. No entertainment , nothing that would satisfy somebody who ONLY looking for some quick money online. Thats what people report me.

Beside this, ClixSense is truly amazing ... unique script and online since 2007. I have no idea how many people are actually with ClixSense but there must be millions by now. Are you with us ?



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Dec 13th 2010 at 8:20 AM by Siamak
all of these PTCs are great, but not the 0.04-per-day part :D

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