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Success Coach, leader, networker, mentor, MLM author, networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996. Teaching and supporting others in how to succeed in the Network Marketing profession.

Professional Network Marketer living at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with husband and two sons.

Enjoy family, reading, self development, helping others achieve success in Network Marketing, passionate follower of Christ, and listening (ie: Bible, Dani Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mark Gorman, Laurie Beth Jones), bird watching, lake activities, health/wellness and fitness, Yoli The Better Body Company, walking, gardening. Gluten Free foodie.
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Making the connection when networking local

Oct 8th 2010 at 12:01 PM


Are you networking offline and driving traffic to your online blog, personal website, business website or Facebook page?

Networking is a fabulous way to get yourself out in your local area and meeting other business minded people.  That's where you'll meet people just like you!   They are very open minded about business because they are in business!

Yes you will meet people who have a business already and they will most likely want you in theirs too or of course want you as a customer and that's ok!

The best thing to do is walk into a networking event or meeting with the idea of helping and connecting other people.   When you show a genuine concern for others and find out how you can help them they are going to be more open to what you do too!

Make it about THEM!  Find out all about their business, what they do, why are they doing what they do and how's it going for them.  What sort of clients or customers are they looking for?

Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend a Your Local City networking event here in Austin.   First thing I did was make sure I had plenty of business cards.    The entire room was buzzing with activity.  People  were very open to greeting and meeting.

Here's a few networking tips!

When walking in have a BIG smile on your face and look people in the eye when speaking with them.    Put out your hand to shake there's and take their business card and ask them about their business.  If they have a drawing sign up for it!   Let them tell you all about their product or service.

Give them your card.  Some people will immediately reciprocate and asked for your card first after you've taken the time to ask them about their business and express an interest and have taken their card and/or information and if not just hand yours to them.

When you get home be sure you put all of your business contacts in your contact data base and send them a nice to meet you card, or an email letting them know you enjoyed meeting and hearing more about their business and to please let you know how you can help them in the future and you look forward to seeing them again at a future event or whatever conversation or connection you may have had with a particular person.

Be sure you look them up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and connect with them there.

Keep the focus on them because it's their booth!

Enjoy Prosperous Networking!

Sue Seward

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Nov 15th 2010 at 1:01 PM by flconversation
Hello Sue, this really is a great way as long as you are living in the same 'language area'. What when you are working online and coming from another country??? Here these tips are working a little bit less. lol As people around you may not speak the english language or people around you are not involved in this type of online marketing. 'Local' is great as long as you are playing in the suitable field.
Nov 15th 2010 at 12:51 PM by jfbmarketing
Hi Sue, What l joy to read this article well done, makes perfect sense, glad l found it and read it all the best Joseph

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