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How To Improve Your Results On Traffic Exchanges

Sep 9th 2010 at 2:39 AM



Traffic exchanges remain a popular way for home business owners to get their Internet home businesses  seen by a large number of people in the shortest possible time.

However, not all traffic exchanges are created equal. You may experience great results on one exchange and terrible results on another even though the exchanges seem quite similar in terms of what they offer and how they operate. So let’s look at how we can find out how traffic exchanges compare so that we can home in on the ones that will work best .

This is a matter of squeezing the best possible results out of what is after all a cheap method of promoting an Internet home business. If you have been struggling to make headway with traffic exchanges it is probably because you have been playing the exchanges blindfolded.

For example, when you surf a traffic exchange it would be good to know how popular it is, how many new members it attracts each week, how many hits the traffic exchange delivers for its members, and how many of those hits were unique. This kind of information shows you which traffic exchanges are popular and responsive. Popular traffic exchanges grow quite quickly and that means they are drawing in fresh members every week, and that in turn means that every week hundreds of thousands of fresh eyes could be viewing your webpages.

On the other hand, if you are surfing a traffic exchange with a small membership that recruits only a few new members each week, it means that the members’ pages will be recycled again and again and presented to the same people numerous times.

Of course, it is not a bad thing to have your page seen several times by the same person, especially if you have built in an element of personal branding to your webpage. But if you allocate 300 credits to a certain webpage and find that the traffic exchange has gone through them in twenty-four hours, but the unique/repeat ration was something like 60/240 with no sign ups, you probably would not be very happy, right?

So here is what I recommend. First of all seek out and join the most popular traffic exchanges. Those are the traffic exchanges that are likely to be growing fastest with the largest membership base and the largest numbers of new members joining. You can find out which are the 100 most popular traffic exchanges by checking the Affiliate Funnel rank report at:
Affiliate Funnel

You will immediately notice the huge variation between the traffic exchanges in terms of recruiting power and hits power. Interestingly, there is not an exact correlation between the two figures, but you will notice significant differences in new member figures between the top recruiters and the lower ranking recruiters.

When you have joined a few traffic exchanges you will want to measure your own results across all the exchanges. To do this you will need to use some kind of tracking service such as hits connect
Whatever service you use, make sure that you can track the different results you will get from the different traffic exchanges. With hits connect you can do that easily and also discover the total/unique hits ratio that your campaign is getting on each exchange. Furthermore, you will be able to monitor which traffic exchanges are delivering affiliates or subscribers by adding a piece of tracking code to your “thank you” pages.

Armed with this valuable information you will be able to discover which traffic exchanges work best for each of your particular campaigns. In this way you will at last be able to measure and improve upon the performance of your traffic exchange promotional campaigns.


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