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Togrul is an Inernet Marketer with clear visions in life.

He's been involved in this field for almost four years trying all possible ways of earning money online and getting experience and skills.

He enjoys reading, blogging, making new friends and helping others in need.

He's also a beloved family man and father of a cute little girl.

Togrul Guliyev | togrul
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How to get more people to follow you on Twitter

Jan 17th 2011 at 3:21 AM

Twitter is a social network with lots of opportunities for both the marketers and advertisers.

Ever since Twitter arrived on the net every single online marketer thought about the ways of monetizing it, or at least to get it drive more traffic to the website or blog.

If you are an online marketer you have definitely heard of Twitter, that fancy website with the SMS type messages where you need to round up with 140 characters only. Well, that Twitter can pretty well boost your online presence if used correctly.

The main asset of Twitter is the followers. They are like the subscribers to your blog or website. Whenever you type a new thought or inject an URL into your messages, all your followers get it simultaneously. That’s a huge power you know.

But the problem is it is not so easy to get so many followers in order to be that effective. Well, there are certain tips and if you constantly follow those rules then the increasing number of the followers is almost guaranteed.

You should remember one thing though, just like with a blog or any other means of interaction with your visitors, your twitter posts or messages must be genuine, original, useful and of course interesting. You must be able to place yourself in the place of your followers and think of the reasons why they should follow your posts.

Do not even try to SPAM as spamming is simply not tolerated at Twitter. You can easily get reported and banned. Try to be yourself, you can tweet about your daily ramblings, lifestyle etc. These are the simplest tips for getting more followers.

If you are keen on getting even more followers then consider participating at the trend conversations. You can soon find out that the number of your followers are constantly rising. You need to stick out of the crowd and be different. Believe me that will not pass unnoticed. Some people will definitely follow you.

Another method which I do not like but which is claimed to be effective is following lots of people with the hope to get followed back. The reason I do not like it is that many of those people are simple paying back and not interested in true nature of your tweets. You cannot really expect them to react to your posts in the future.

Another effective method is trying to find a celebrity and follow him or her. That person will definitely have lots of followers some of which may try to follow you due to some relation to that celebrity. This method is also similar to above mentioned one will nto be so effective.

You should also be ready to ask for the follow sometimes. You need to have a strong grounds for that. For example, you can search the net and find something interesting, then put the link to that page in your posts and add the request to be followed as more interesting stuff will be published soon. Try to be more creative, I’m sure you can find lots of possibilities to be followed back.

I would also recommend retweeting others some of whom in return may retweet back or even start to follow. The chances are great.

Start utilizing these tips and you will definitely see your list grow. I’m going to talk about the effective ways of monetizing your Twitter account in one of future posts, so you can either come back and check this blog form time to time or subscribe to my feed.

Happy tweeting

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Feb 13th 2011 at 3:40 PM by surefireformula
Good post with some nice suggestions Togrul. I particularly like the idea of trying to find a celebrity to follow. Guess I'd never thought of the possibilities. Also, the point about spam is a good one. I can't tell you how many times a day Twitter spam rolls in. Good suggestions.... Nice article.

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